Beck and Palin Lie, But Their Numbers Don’t

Glenn Beck is a “lying sack of dog mess.” Sarah Palin has been credited with telling the biggest lie of 2009 when she suggested that Trig would be evaluated by the President’s “Death Panels.”  Fortunately “numbers” are not subject to “misreporting.” They are what they are. The “numbers” that reflect the popularity of Beck and Palin,... Continue Reading →

Why was Sarah Palin Chosen to Speak about Honor?

Beck and Palin held the rally in D.C. which was given the title “Restoring Honor.”  Rick Perry, the Governor or Texas, was noticeably absent from this rally.  This was particularly offensive to Rick, since his book, On My Honor, was all about the Honor of the Boy Scouts.  Maybe Rick’s Boy Scout Uniform no longer... Continue Reading →

$16,000 for Breakfast with Palin and Beck, Barf Bag Not Included $16,000 to dine with Dumb and Dumber?! The thought of it makes my stomach turn. If you have that much money to burn, buy yourself a clue. - Torie P.S. I am not sure which one is Dumber. They are pretty neck and neck in the intelligence department.

Examples of the Hypocrisy of Sarah Palin: Can You Count That High?

For roughly 7 months I have been writing daily about the outrageous behavior of Sarah Palin.  In the multiple articles written, I have worked hard to document everything I have covered in each post.  Since we were introduced to Sarah Palin in the fall of 2008, we have learned a lot about the hypocrisy of... Continue Reading →

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin Scare Me

Malia is taking a much needed break this weekend. Over the next two days, Torie Thompson will be guest blogging.  (Part 1 of 2) Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin could best be described as doctrinal and philosophical kindred spirits. Both tout their Christian morals and “common sense” philosophy along with their patriotism and politics.  They... Continue Reading →

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