Shame on You Sarah Palin for Politicizing the Vegas Shooting!

From the moment the American public was forced to hear and watch Sarah Palin in 2008, it was clear that she was anxious to brand herself as a champion of gun rights.   She proudly advertised the location of her baby shower at a shooting range.  Levi has said she doesn't know how to shoot. ... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Likely Dismissed-More Clickbait!

We've seen multiple examples of Sarah Palin's desperate attempts to remain relevant.  "Clickbait" is the term used to describe the efforts Palin is using to get people to think about her.  The recent Defamation suit filed against the New York Times is one more example of clickbait.  If you search the internet for "Palin defamation"... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Never Learned the Lesson of Michelle Obama

Last night's heart-felt speech of Michelle Obama is one many people in the country probably missed.  The very people who needed a lesson in manners, were probably watching another channel.  Michelle explained that when dealing with bullies, you shouldn't react with anger and acrimony.  She explained that in the Obama family, when others go low,... Continue Reading →

We Blame YOU Sarah Palin for the Violence Against Planned Parenthood

Who could forget Sarah Palin's crosshairs on her Facebook post that resulted in the shooting of Gabby Giffords: Who could forget Gabby Giffords telling Sarah that violent rhetoric has consequences? The families of the six people killed will never forget the involvement of Sarah Palin in inspiring the mentally ill to resort to violence.... Continue Reading →

You Tube Video Made by Loughner of His “Genocide School”

gokemidoro provided this link to the actual video made by Loughner.  If you had any doubt about his lack of mental stability, this video will ensure that you reach the conclusion that he was mentally unstable.  Thanks, gokemidoro!,0,6932026.story

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