Trump’s Dishonors the Memory of the Black Soldier, After “Fool Proof Plan” Fails!

These are the four  U.S. servicemen who were killed when they were ambushed by Islamic extremists in West Africa.  ISIS is believed to be responsible for the attack.  These soldiers were leaving a meeting with tribal leaders when they were attacked. They were all Green Berets stationed in Niger as part of a deployment of 800... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Plummets to a New Low as He Insults the Father of a Fallen Soldier!

This is the father of the vet killed in action who save the lives of the soldiers under his command.   Khizr Khan explained that as a father he'd made the ultimate sacrifice.  Donald Trump has not had to pay for his freedom.  Mr. Khan offered to allow Trump to borrow his copy of the... Continue Reading →

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