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Sarah Palin posted a three word comment on her Facebook:


She followed it by a Happy Easter sign, but there is still no word on Todd.  There were no family pictures of Easter Eggs hunts, dying Easter Eggs, going to church, or even going to an Easter brunch featuring Green Eggs and Moose,or Sarah’s famous blueberry pie.  The post came in the evening, almost as an afterthought.  It was as if someone told Sarah that she forgot about Easter, and she should post something about Easter before it was over.  She seems to have forgotten about Todd too!  So the logical question is who has risen…Todd or Jesus?

There were no visits to the hospital mentioned.   Surely if Todd were still in the hospital he’d want to have a special Easter celebration with Pastor Muthee and his favorite wife Sarah.

We knew Pastor Muthee could hunt witches, but how about eggs?

Sarah posted a picture of Donald Trump’s Jewish grandchild born on Easter.

trump grandchild

I wonder why Sarah couldn’t get a picture of Todd to pretend that she cared about him as much as she cares about the Jewish child of a woman she’s never met.



Here is a portion of the comment left by MALOE last night.  Her remarks directly relate to Todd.

“Since I’m sure someone would ask, no I don’t know where Todd is or how bad he was hurt. But I did hear the guy who insures all the machines is really pissed bc he has tried and tried to get in touch with Todd and his calls aren’t answered. Apparently he is normally very fast to file a claim even for a “minor cosmetic issue” yet this time the insurance guy can’t even make contact. That, combined w/ the fact that Piper says none of the family machines are missing, makes me think either Bristol wrecked in the truck, or he wrecked in it and was lit so they had to say she was driving, whatever. Or he got beat up by a angry husband or something.

My point is, I don’t think he crashed a snow machine and then was taken by these “mystery snow angels” to cubbys.”



Have a happy day!


easter hand guns sign

easter bunny shot

Sarah Palin is an outspoken advocate for second amendment rights, especially as they apply to kids.

kids guns one

kids guns two

kids guns three

kids guns four

kids guns five

kids guns six

Sarah is also a devout Christian, who celebrates the most sacred of Christian holidays, Easter, by an event that is geared toward the family. It’s the Bunny Blast. If the good people of Wasilla come to her home on Lake Lucille, and bring their kids,and their loaded guns, they can shoot bunnies in a cage to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, by killing bunnies. The bunnies will be in a cage, so you’ll know which ones are ok to shoot. There will be a limit of bunnies per child and the limit will be equal to the age of the child (i.e. a two year old can only shoot two bunnies). Every child will be able to take their dead animals home for their Easter feast. Jesus always said “we eat what we kill”.

Forget eggs and the Easter Bunny. Easter is about death. The Easter Bunnny is a figment of the imagination of some liberal elite left-wing media outlet. Easter is really about guns. Put a bunny in your cross-hairs and put death back into Easter.

dead  bunnies

On Facebook, Sarah Palin posted a “Celebration of Hope” wishing all who read her post a “reflective Good Friday” and a “happy Easter Sunday”.  I write this blog reflecting on the past year, and share with you my hopes on this Easter Sunday.


  1. Sarah’s book was a best seller.  Her bus tour to promote the book was really a private jet tour.  She was accompanied at most book signing events by Trig.
  2. As far as I can tell, Trig is her most important qualification since she has resigned from virtually every other job she has had.  Trig has been identified as Sarah’s Down’s syndrome child, but there has been great skepticism about whether Trig is really her child.  Questions have been raised that include 1) Why did Sarah keep the pregnancy a secret for so long? 2)  If Sarah was pregnant why couldn’t we see evidence of it before she was 8 months along in the pregnancy?  3)  Why did Bristol leave school during the relevant time for 5 months?  4)  If Bristol really had mono, why did it take her five months to be physically able to return to school?  5)  Why was Bristol living in Anchorage with Sarah’s sister during the relevant time?  6)  Where are the pictures from the hospital announcing Trig’s birth?  7)  If Trig was Sarah’s natural child, why did it take her a month to claim him on her insurance?  8)  Why hasn’t Sarah produced a birth certificate for Trig to put an end to all this speculation?  9)  Why are there pictures of Sarah that show the girth of her abdomen shrinking during the pregnancy?  10)  Why did Sarah board a plane in Texas, bound for Alaska, when she reports she was in labor, when she says that her water had broken many hours before, and when she knew Trig was going to be a compromised baby? 11) Why wouldn’t Sarah tell the airlines that she was in labor, and how is it that the flight attendants didn’t even realize that Sarah was pregnant, much less in labor? 12) How could a person talking with Todd in the airport lounge, and seeing Sarah reading a book, not realize Sarah was in labor?  13)  Why would a medical doctor create a web site and offer his well-reasoned opinion, and pictures to document that opinion, that Trig was not Sarah’s child? 14)  If Sarah was in labor with Trig, had completed two flights from Texas back to Alaska, why wouldn’t she go immediately to the Anchorage hospital instead of driving an hour back to Wasilla?  15)  Why haven’t we seen any medical records produced regarding the birth of Trig? 16) Why do some pictures of Trig show an ear deformity and others don’t?
  3. Even though Sarah was usually seen in a coat, and sometimes a hat at her book signing events, Trig often appeared without a coat, shoes, and in his pajamas. He almost never had his glasses on.  I guess he was too self-conscious, and didn’t want the media to see that he had limitations.
  4. Palin has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from speaking events at right to life meetings.  Consistent with Palin’s “World-view” (Vincent works for the World Magazine), Palin chose Lynn Vincent as her ghost writer for “Going Rogue”.  Ms. Vincent has publically admitted to having had an abortion, and describes President Barack Obama as the “minority survivor” of the “black genocide” that is abortion. Ms. Vincent has also written several memorable columns pertaining to homosexuality.  She has described homosexuality as abnormal and “deviant” and has gone so far as to be critical of the American Psychiatric Association for their decision to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder. I guess Ms. Vincent considers herself an expert on mental disorders.
  5. The book, “Going Rogue”, had no footnotes, and disclosed nothing new.  Palin was openly critical in her book of Steve Schmidt, one of McCain’s most senior campaign managers, and Katie Couric.  We listened to Schmidt’s criticisms of Palin in the Anderson Cooper interview ( where he described Palin as being “untruthful” and “inaccurate”, both then and now.  Schmidt gave specific examples of Palin’s attempts at deceiving the public.  He specifically mentioned Palin’s attempts to say that the ethics commission completely exonerated her when in fact the commission determined that Palin had acted unethically, and her attempts to say that Todd had not been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, when he had been a member for six years.  Palin suggested in her book that she was trying to help Couric with self-esteem issues by doing the interview. We have all seen the interview.  I readily admit that I am biased.  However even Steve Schmidt, felt that Couric didn’t ask a “single unfair question”.  He explained that he felt Palin did poorly because she “didn’t do her homework”.  This seems to be a recurring problem for Palin.
  6. The book, “Game Change”, discloses the perception by McCain’s staff of the “two Sarahs”.  One was described as the one that the public sees, and the other was the Sarah that was non-responsive, and whose eyes seemed to be glazed over.
  7. Shortly after the election McCain wouldn’t endorse Palin for President in 2012.  Yet now that McCain is up for re-election in Arizona, he is glad to have her appear to endorse him, even if it is in a black-leather jacket.
  8. At the Tea Party Convention, Palin mocked Barack Obama for using a teleprompter, but wrote on her hand to remind herself of three simple words.
  9. Palin criticized the President’s Chief of Staff for using the word “retarded”, but    suggested that it was acceptable for Rush Limbaugh to use the word.
  10. My personal favorite reflection of the past year was the criticism of Palin by an actress who herself has Down’s syndrome.  Andrea Fay Friedman explained:

“My name is Andrea Fay Friedman. I was born with Down syndrome. I played the role of Ellen on the “Extra Large Medium” episode of Family Guy that was broadcast on Valentine’s Day. Although they gave me red hair on the show, I am really a blonde. I also wore a red wig for my role in “Smudge” but I was a blonde in “Life Goes On”. I guess former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor. I thought the line “I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska” was very funny. I think the word is “sarcasm”.


My hope on this Easter of 2010 is that the United States of America never comes so close to a national disaster as we did in the election of 2008.  I hope that more people will become more educated, not believing all that politicians say but looking at what they do.  Surely, Palin has done enough to cause even the most conservative of Republicans to say “NO MORE”.  I hope that the Discovery Channel will cancel Palin’s show due to lack of an audience, and sponsors.  I remain hopeful that Piper will someday return to school, and that someone will put some shoes and a coat on Trig, and his glasses too.  I pray that God’s plan was that Palin might help America understand the risk inherent in failing to initially determine whether our politicians are competent to lead, before we consider their positions on any political issue.  Now that Palin has served that purpose, I hope she will get a new job.  I know times are hard, but maybe she would be qualified to be an Easter bunny.

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