Look Carefully and You’ll See The Reflection of Donald Trump in These Stupid People!

How many videos have you seen highlighting stupid people doing stupid things?  You Tube is going to have to make a new stupid-people video documenting the stupid things Donald Trump has done and said.  The finale' to the video will be his recent quote about the Presidency.  He said: "THIS IS MORE WORK THAN IN... Continue Reading →

Pimps and Pedophiles Associated with Sarah Palin

When I saw this picture, I had a really uneasy feeling. I wanted to believe that it was an unusual shot.  I assumed that I was just biased.  However when these came to my attention, I was overcome with a sick feeling!         We used to be worried that the vice-presidents' husband... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump Plummets to a New Low as He Insults the Father of a Fallen Soldier!

This is the father of the vet killed in action who save the lives of the soldiers under his command.   Khizr Khan explained that as a father he'd made the ultimate sacrifice.  Donald Trump has not had to pay for his freedom.  Mr. Khan offered to allow Trump to borrow his copy of the... Continue Reading →

Jon Stewart Critiques Palin and Trump Eating Pizza

Palin and Trump pretend to be eating pizza like typical New Yorkers.  Stewart points out the there is nothing "typical" about them or the way the eat pizza.

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