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When I saw this picture, I had a really uneasy feeling.

trump daughter

I wanted to believe that it was an unusual shot.  I assumed that I was just biased.  However when these came to my attention, I was overcome with a sick feeling!





We used to be worried that the vice-presidents’ husband was a pimp.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

Now we worry that the President might be a pedophile.  Both are bad. Trump is worse.  If true, Todd took advantage of women.  Trump took advantage of minors.

trump pedotrump pedophile onetrump pedophile twotrump pedophile threetrump pedophile fourtrump pedophile fivetrump pedophile six trump pedophile eight

The combination of these pictures, and what we know about Trump’s association with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is shocking and frightening!  In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from an underage girl and quietly paid settlements to scores of alleged victims who said he serially molested them. But the girls kept coming out of the woodwork—in 2014, another young woman filed a lawsuit claiming that Epstein used her as a sex slave for his powerful friends.  That we could nominate such a person as a candidate for the highest office in the country is unforgivable.  That he could become the President of the United States is unconscionable.  The year is 2016.  Women have been voting for almost a decade.  It is ironic that the first time a woman has been nominated for the Presidency,that same year her opponent, lacks any respect for women except as sex objects.  Have you ever heard Donald Trump compliment a woman on her intellect or her professional accomplishments.  In his personal life, he values women who are beautiful because of their beauty, and nothing else.

trump beauty queenmelania trump fourmelania trump gq twoTRUMP DATE DAUGHTERtrump beauty contestants

Even more frightening is that Jeffrey Epstein isn’t the only convicted rapist that Trump is good friend with.  Trump and Tyson have been friendly for years, dating back to the 1980s. After Tyson’s conviction for rape in 1992, Trump defended the former heavyweight champ, saying he had been “railroaded.”  Trump attacked the victim saying: “You have a young woman that was in his hotel room late in the evening at her own will. You have a young woman seen dancing for the beauty contest — dancing with a big smile on her face, looked happy as can be.”

“We’re really good friends,” Tyson told the Daily Beast in January. “We go back to ’86, ’87. Most of my successful and best fights were at Trump’s hotels. He didn’t manage me, though. He was just helping me with my court case.”

People choose their friends based on the people we find with similar values or that we find we share similar views of the world.  Certainly that was the reason Sarah Palin worked so hard to focus on Barack Obama’s association with Reverend Wright and  Bill Ayers.

Whatever you think of Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright or Bill Ayers, it was clearly not as significant as Trump’s relationship with two convicted rapists.  Sarah Palin is married to a man accused of being a pimp.

boys will be boys two todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

She has endorsed Trump, a man who may be a pedophile.  She is friends with Phil Robertson,the man who proclaimed the importance of marrying underage girls before they are old enough to appreciate the importance of their ability to be independent and determine their own destiny.

palin duck dynasty three

Palin also has proudly proclaimed her friend Ted Nugent, and admitted pedophile.

ted nugent crazy four  ted nugent palin

It’s as if we can identify those men who use and abuse women by looking to the male friends and family of Sarah Palin.  Even her son has a history of beating women.

palin setting women back




This is the father of the vet killed in action who save the lives of the soldiers under his command.   Khizr Khan explained that as a father he’d made the ultimate sacrifice.  Donald Trump has not had to pay for his freedom.  Mr. Khan offered to allow Trump to borrow his copy of the Constitution.

Mr. Khan explained that “You have not sacrificed anything.”

Donald Trump responded with the assertion that he had in fact made sacrificed himself by employing “thousands and thousands of people.” He also suggested that Khan’s wife didn’t speak because she was forbidden to as a Muslim and questioned whether Khan’s words were his own.

Trump also took to twitter, showing off his Presidential demeanor, saying:

This response of Trump is the most offensive statement yet.  To compare working to make his fortune to the sacrifice of losing a child is the most outrageous, sickening,heartless thing Trump has ever said.  I can not imagine the pain a parent experiences when they have to bury a child.  Trump’s insensitivity to this pain is simply unforgivable.



Remember when Trump attacked McCain suggesting that he liked people who weren’t captured?

McCain is now speaking out about his disgust for what Trump said about this fallen soldier.  He said:

“Arizona is watching,” McCain said in the statement. “It is time for Donald Trump to set the example for our country and the future of the Republican Party. While our Party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us.”

So here’s the question.  How can Sarah justify her support of Trump when both McCain and her son-in-law have spoken out against this heartless response of Trump?


Moreover, it is outrageous that Trump would attack the mother of the soldier for not speaking at the DNC because she knew she would cry.

muslim father at cemetary



Palin and Trump pretend to be eating pizza like typical New Yorkers.  Stewart points out the there is nothing “typical” about them or the way the eat pizza.

He didn’t say “I could have been a contender” and he didn’t say he was fired. He didn’t say that he knew he was a “quack” that he would never be elected.  He didn’t say that he knew Obama would be re-elected,so why try?   He simply said what we already knew, which is that he was more interested in making money than running for President.

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