Judge Signals Dismissal Likely in Palin Defamation Suit

Sarah Palin has filed suit against the New York Times for defamation. As previously reported, it appears highly unlikely the case will ever proceed to trial, for many reasons. The attorney for the Times has filed a motion to dismiss the case asserting that Palin and her attorneys are unable to present any evidence of... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Likely Dismissed-More Clickbait!

We've seen multiple examples of Sarah Palin's desperate attempts to remain relevant.  "Clickbait" is the term used to describe the efforts Palin is using to get people to think about her.  The recent Defamation suit filed against the New York Times is one more example of clickbait.  If you search the internet for "Palin defamation"... Continue Reading →

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