Trump Has “Great Respect” for New Communications Director Who Calls Chief of Staff a “Fucking Paranoid Schizophrenic”; Chief Strategist a “Cock Sucker”!

The difference between the "mainstream media" and bloggers is that Bloggers have the liberty of reporting using foul language, if the reporting is accurate.  Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's new Communications Director has just communicated with reporters in perhaps the most foul way that even a blogger could imagine!  As a blogger, I have to pause to... Continue Reading →

What Trump Didn’t Know About James Comey When He Called Him a Coward

In spite of the testimony of James Comey that Donald Trump defamed him, and that he was a liar, Trump has taken to twitter and called Comey a "coward".    It seems that if Comey was uncertain BEFORE about whether to file a civil case against Trump, he may be now more resolute than ever.  Comey... Continue Reading →

Pence Makes Plans for His Re-election in 2020

As dirty as Trump is, Mike Pence is equally dishonest. As speculation swirls about the impeachment of Donald Trump, most have presumed that Mike Pence would become the next President of the United States.  However that presumes that obstruction of justice charges are not brought against Pence, and that he is exonerated.  That presumption may... Continue Reading →

Be Very Scared of FBI Acting Director McCabe and His Ties to Trump & Russia

McCabe had nothing but praise for Director Comey. But the truth about McCabe is frightening.  Rachael Maddow did an entire segment on McCabe's ties to Trump and Russia last night. Today McCabe won't answer relevant questions Congress is asking:

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