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palin 2011

Not really!  Sarah doesn’t even know how stupid she is.  If she did, she’d blame Obama.  In Palin’s deranged mind, everything that is negative is President Obama’s fault.

In 2009 she blamed Obama for her resignation as Governor.

In 2010 she blamed Obama for the Wikileaks document dump.

In 2010 she also blamed Obama for mishandling the Gulf Oil Spill.

In 2011 she blamed Obama for the increase in oil prices.

In 2012 she blamed Obama for not participating in the National Unity Demonstration in Paris.

In 2012 she also blamed Obama for the conduct of the Secret Service in the Colombia prostitution scandal.

In 2013 Sarah blamed the IRS for Obama’s reelection.

In 2013 she also blamed Obama for the Government Shutdown that she and Ted Cruz caused.

palin and cruz

In 2014 Sarah Palin blamed Obama for the indictment of Rick Perry.

In 2015 Palin blamed Obama for the fact that she let Trig use the family dog as a stepping stool.

So why is anyone surprised that in 2016 Palin has blamed Obama for her son Track’s assault and battery of his girlfriend?

Other things Sarah might blame President Obama for:

  1.  Pain in her head

vodoo doll

2. Plastic Surgery that isn’t covered by Universal Health care

palin plastic surgery

bristol plastic surgery


3. Bristol’s recent child

dakota meyer medal

4.  Thinking that Africa was a country instead of a continent

5.  Menopause


6.  Toe nail fungus

stoe nailfungus

7. Erectile dysfunction

erecticle dysfiunction

8. Animal abuse by disabled children

trig on dog

9.  Colonoscopies

colonoscopy funny


10.  Mammograms

mammogram cartoon

11.  Dead Birds

12.  Adolph Hitler

13.  Fire

14.  Hail

15.  Snakes on a Plane

16.  Jock Itch

jock itch

17.  Bad Breath

18.  Walmart Shoppers

19.  World War II

ww ii

20.  Hurricane Katrina

Photos by Kathy Anderson Flood Street These are aerial photos of the Ninth Ward area of New Orleans after it was flooded by Hurricane Katrina. September 9, 2005

21.  The San Francisco Earth Quake of 1906

1906 earthquake

22.The crucifixion


23.  The plague

24.  Flatulence

25.  Ugly dogs

ugly dogs one

ugly dogs two

ugly dogs three

26.  Extinction of the dinosaurs

funny dinosaur

27.  Yeast Infections


Over 100 people were brutally killed yesterday in France. At least 180 people survived, but are today struggling to overcome painful injuries.  The civilized world shares the outrage and the anguish of the people of France.  Unfortunately, France has not been a stranger to terrorist attacks.

france protestors in jan 2015

The President of France has declared that these acts of terrorism constitute an act of WAR.

President Obama gave a press conference and declared the terrorists attacks in France to be an attack on humanity.  He declare that the United States was prepared to provide whatever assistance might be needed to the people of France.  President Obama was purposeful and brief in his remarks.  He was not bombastic and declined to make any threats of retaliation that my be forthcoming. He was presidential.  He was the leader we hoped he would be at this time of crisis.  He was calm, and in control.  The importance of his demeanor and message can’t not be underestimated.  The most important job of the President of the United States must be to protect the security of our nation.

As we approach the presidential election season, it is critical that Americans don’t lose sight of the importance of electing a leader who is qualified to protect our National Security.  It must be a person who will do what is best for America, rather than what is best for his/her political party or what will play well on national television.  We must find a candidate that possesses leadership skills.  We need a person who is a critical thinker.  We need a person who will be respected by the international community.  It is critical to the future of America that we elect a leader who is trustworthy and honest.  When the President of the United States says something, it is important the our allies and our enemies believe what the President says.

It’s been 7 years since we were plagued with a leader that was ignorant, inept, and a liar.  We should never forget the damage he did to America.

Surely we will remember the “intentional misrepresentations,” or the “reckless indifference to the truth.”  

We will each say a prayer for the victims in France.  However prayers are not enough.  It is the responsibility of every American to seek and support candidates for office who are honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about   foreign affairs.  We should only consider social issues AFTER we determine that a candidate has the necessary Presidential “gravitas” to be the leader of the free world.  When we consider what America would have been like under the leadership of President Palin, or what it could be like under the guidance of Donald Trump, it is clear that America’s future is not secure.

Join me in demanding that Americans seek and find the best candidates to lead our country.  We should all seek the very best and most qualified candidates, Republican and Democrat, that can be found.  It is only in that event that we will remain the leader of the free world.


american flag globe


George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

george zimmerman fat

He was acquitted of second degree murder charges.  However the offensive nature of George Zimmerman continues.  He is vile.  He is disgusting.  He is a pathetic excuse for a human being.  The internet is filled with outrage over Zimmerman tweeting a picture of Trayvon Martin’s dead body.  Worse is his comment “Z-man is a one man army”.


Twitter has deleted the photo.  The photo has been available on the internet since at least July of 2013.  However this remark from Zimmerman is new.  He purports to be proud of his conquest of an unarmed young man.  Zimmerman never testified during the trial so the tweet couldn’t be used to prove perjury.  However I wonder if this new evidence might be used to assert some civil claim by Martin’s family.  One idea that comes to mind is “Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.”  I’m distressed and I didn’t even know Trayvon Martin.

trayvon martin

Achmed, the dead terrorist, gets into the Christmas Spirit! Enjoy!

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