Bristol Your Ignorance is Showing,…Again!

Bristol Palin has never held political office.  She has not one hour of a college education.  Her claim to fame is being the daughter of the most unqualified and ignorant person ever chosen to be a Vice Presidential running mate of any person running for public office.  Her only experience is dancing in a monkey... Continue Reading →

I Voted! Have YOU???

Monday was the first day of early voting in Dallas.  Dallas voters smashed previous records, with 58,213 people voting on Monday alone.The previous record in Dallas County was set in 2008, when 34,415 people cast ballots on the first day of early voting. Election administrators in Tarrant County(Ft. Worth) reported a first-day turnout of about... Continue Reading →

Settlement of FOIA Suit

I am happy to announce that the government and I have settled the case pending in Dallas Federal Court regarding the many outstanding FOIA requests.  Until the settlement the status was that the SecretService and DHS had been dismissed by the trial Court, and I had filed notice of appeal.  Before dismissing the Secret Service... Continue Reading →

Dallas Morning News Reminds Us to be Scared of President Trump!

Texas has been a Republican State since 1980.  With 38 electoral votes, the presumption has long been that Texas would be a reliably Red State.  Consistent with the voice of Texans, the Dallas Morning News has endorsed a Republican for President for the last 60 years.  However, Donald Trump has inspired the conservative voice of... Continue Reading →

Channel 5 News in Dallas Features a Story on FOIA Suit

Dave Leiber, the reporter from the Dallas Morning News, gave an interview this morning on the channel 5 local station regarding the suit and my efforts to get reimbursed for my attorney fees. THANKS DAVE FOR YOUR HELP!!!    

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