Stephen Colbert and James Comey Toast to the Truth

  Not only is this interview entertaining, but it is also compelling because Comey explains two important things: Comey had to have the book reviewed by the FBI before publication to ensure that it did not disclose any confidential information. There were some things that he learned in the Russian investigation that were not disclosed.... Continue Reading →

James Comey’s “Oh Shit” Face; Trump is “Morally Unfit”

Last night was the interview of James Comey as a result of his book coming out this week. CNN features an article with the 70 top quotes from the interview.  However 15 stand out to me as the most memorable: 1. "I liken President Trump in the book to a forest fire. Going to do... Continue Reading →

Only an Untruthful Slime Ball Like Trump Would Call the Former Director of the FBI a “Slime Ball”

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told CNN's Don Lemon that he has "every confidence" former FBI Director James Comey's account of events in his new book are accurate. President Donald Trump slammed James Comey on Friday as a "weak and untruthful slime ball" and a "proven LEAKER & LIAR," the day after explosive... Continue Reading →

The Department of Obstruction of Justice Under Trump

Nobody will forget how often Jeff Sessions lost his memory while testifying before Congress. If there were ever an example of "lack of candor", that was it.  Yet, Jeff Sessions has now fired  Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI.  Sessions gave as justification for the firing of McCabe an " unauthorized disclosure to... Continue Reading →

Release of the Nunes Memo Illustrates the Imperative that Trump Must Go!

When Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he threatened the very fabric of our democracy and the US Constitution. By not producing his tax returns, and by retaining ownership of Mar-a-lago and the Trump DC hotel, Donald Trump has violated the emoluments clause of the US Constitution. That clause provides that no federal officeholder may, absent... Continue Reading →

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