Make Donald Trump King!

It was Jimmy Kimmel who first had the idea of making Trump King of America.  Trump would love the title and living in a castle.  He could talk about anything, and everything, but his words would have no effect.  If he was a bigot,a  misogynist, demented, etc. it wouldn't really matter. The solution to the... Continue Reading →

We May Be Tired of the Russia Investigation, But Mueller IS NOT!

It's been over a year since we've heard about Trump's ties to Russia.  For anyone interested here is a revealing time line of Russia related events. Here is a summary of more recent developments, in case it was hard to keep up.  Special counsel Robert Mueller is now working with New York Attorney General Eric... Continue Reading →

Just When You Thinks It Can’t Get Worse-Trump Tweets Classified Information

  CNN reported this week on President Trump watching a story on Fox News that contained classified information.  Jeff Sessions just announced that the leaks must stop. Trump retweeted the story claiming US satellites detected North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to a patrol boat. US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, indicated that... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Got Tweet-a-arrhea!

    Experts agree that the very best time to move your bowels is in the morning.  The key is regularity.  Experts on Donald Trump agree that he is predictably regular about tweeting almost every morning around 6:30.  His gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein wrote that he could state unequivocally that Trump  “will be the healthiest individual ever elected... Continue Reading →

Trump Defies Reason by Trying to Limit Sanctions Against the Russians!

 A bipartisan group of senators is moving to check President Trump on Russia by bolstering congressional oversight before he can lift sanctions.   Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) predicted to USA Today that the legislation could pass "with 80 or 90 vote.  The bill passed by an almost unanimous vote of 97-2. Trump is now... Continue Reading →

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