Donald Trump Should Be Locked Up

During his campaign, Donald Trump agreed that Hillary Clinton should be "locked up" for handling classified material on a private e-mail server.  FBI Director, James Comey, said Clinton's actions, while careless, "didn't amount to a crime."  A complete evaluation of the e-mail server issue indicated a "less a sinister" but "carefully calculated effort to avoid... Continue Reading →

Confession of a Liberal White Female

Despair was the emotion that overwhelmed me as I went to bed last night.  Unlike most nights, I went to bed early.  I couldn't watch as the votes were reported by Wolf Blitzer.  I knew that Stephen Colbert was reporting the results, but I couldn't bring myself to search for his show.  There was nothing... Continue Reading →

400 Economists Can’t Be Wrong!

Bill Clinton made famous the phrase, "It's the economy stupid!"  His point was that the single most important issue for Americans is the economy.  In the rush to report on the ongoing pussy-grabbing, e-mail scandals, many have lost sight of the economic issues.  Economic issues should be of particular concern given the fact that Trump... Continue Reading →

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