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Sarah was so excited to appear on Fox yesterday that she posted a separate announcement on her Facebook page. She was clearly planning for the interview. She obviously had plenty of time to prepare her remarks. She began the interview by attacking Megyn Kelly.

The entire interview lasted 6 minutes. The first 4 minutes, and 45 seconds are devoted to Palin lambasting people like Fox for making a public spectacle of the molestation of the Duggar girls regarding the sexual molestation committed by their brother.

Just as the interview is about to conclude, Sean Hannity asks Palin a simple question, “What are your thoughts ? (on the Presidential Candidates). Sarah begins her answer at 4:50 on the tape. In the short span of 1 minute, 10 seconds,she gives this answer:

“Well I’m glad of course that the GOP has a deep bench because competition is good it makes everyone so much better work harder produce more ahh this is as opposed to the Democrat bench which is obviously quite shallow I mean who the heck do they that’s why it will be Hillary and I bet you anything it will be Hillary as their nominee despite kind of the games that the media is playing right now sort of giving a couple of guys the shot you know the college try letting them at least be seen as being covered fairly so that when the time comes for Hillary Clinton to be knighted as their nominee they’ll be able to say well Hey we covered everybody but no Democrats liberals for the most part they are sheepeople and they do want to follow one quote unquote leader and in this case it will be Hillary look at what is going on right now with Bernie Sanders right now he almost beat Hillary in the Wisconsin straw poll ah so people are saying wow this is a ya know this is some kind of shake up Hillary should be scared (music starts signaling that it is time to stop talking) no what Bernie’s doing is right he is wrong on approaches he’s a socialist however his approach is right he’s taking his message to the people (Sean tries to interrupt “alright”) not an orchestrated stage defense that Hillary is so used to and the media allows her to get away with.”

Yes, she used the term “sheepeople.”

Yes, she said that Bernie Sanders was “wrong on approaches.” Four words later she declares that “his approach is right.”

She wasn’t being clever. She wasn’t using symbolism. She wasn’t using a metaphor. She was just being stupid. It is comical to listen to the interview as she speaks faster and faster, as if she had a point to make. As the pace of her syntax increases, her use of punctuation and common sense seem to become increasingly elusive.

palin idiot

Perhaps she should quit talking and just rely on flash cards

flash cards

or pictures to get her point across.

erect palin fan

Fox should require drug tests of Palin before letting her appear!

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