Priceless – Trevor Noah’s Preview of the Trump Cabinet!

Trevor Noah provided a priceless look into the Trump administration long before Trump  was elected.  

The Trump White House: Out With Blacks, In With Old White Men

Some say Trump has been a very outspoken racist. Whatever Trump's current view of Blacks in America, it seems undisputed that Trump has a long and colorful history of discrimination.  The fact that Trump's only appointment to his cabinet of an African-American was Ben Carson as the Secretary of HUD, is all the evidence you need... Continue Reading →

Trump Declares His Birthday to be a National Holiday!

As my previous post reveals, today is Donald Trump's 71st birthday. Sean Spicer hasn't announced yet what the President will do to celebrate his birthday, so we are left to speculate.  Here's what I imagine Trump will do: He'll declare June 14th as a national holiday.  People around the country, along with members of the... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Cabinet of Sycophants Act Like Trained Monkeys

This was Trump's first cabinet meeting: It seems the business of the day was sucking up to the Donald.  It was so outrageous that the meeting became the subject of late night comedy. These cabinet members have had their pictures added to the dictionary under the definition of "sycophant." It was so bad that... Continue Reading →

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