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The problem with Donald Trump,is Donald Trump.  His own cabinet nominees have revealed what everyone in America is thinking.  Nobody in their right mind agrees with Trump.

America should not torture. Russia is a menace. A wall at the Mexican border would not be effective. A blanket ban against Muslims is wrong. Climate change is a threat.

Those statements are in direct opposition to some of the most significant declarations that President-elect Donald J. Trump made before his improbable ascension to the White House. They are also the words of his own nominees to lead the nation’s most important government agencies.

In their first week of grilling before congressional panels, Mr. Trump’s cabinet nominees broke with him on almost every major policy that has put Mr. Trump outside Republican orthodoxy, particularly in the area of national security.”

If you are afraid of the damage that Donald Trump might inflict on America, it sounds like you are not alone.  Even the people he has nominated for his Cabinet know that many of the positions he has identified as signature issues were just hot air being released by Trump in an effort to get elected.

Hot Airtrump-hot-air-twotrump-hot-air-three



U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives for a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015. REUTERS/Nancy Wiechec - RTX1K1CM

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

Sarah Palin has been an outspoken proponent of Donald Trump since she endorsed him a year ago.  Ironically that was Jan. 19, 2016.  Exactly one year later on the 20th of Jan. 2017 Trump will be inaugurated.

She actually told Trump recently that she would like to be considered for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  She previously told him that she’d like to be considered fo

r Secretary of Energy.   Trump actually said that there would be a place in his administration for Palin.  Here’s what was reported:

While adding that Palin could “certainly” play a role in his campaign or future administration, potentially as the vice presidential pick, Trump declined to engage in any speculation as to whether she would be his choice, boasting that “everybody wanted” the endorsement of the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

“I haven’t discussed it with her. No, I haven’t discussed anything with her about what she’d do, but she’s somebody I really like and I respect. And certainly, she could play a position if she wanted to,” Trump said, adding that he did not think Palin would want to do that again.”

However now that Trump is the President-elect, and he is days away from his inauguration,he has finally filled the last remaining position in his administration that was left open.  That would be the same position that Sarah wanted,the Secretary of veterans affairs.  In a slap-in-the-face to Sarah, Trump selected David Shulkin to be his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  To run salt in Sarah’s wig, Trump appointed Shulkin who is currently the under secretary for health at the VA, where he runs the Veterans Health Administration, and he was nominated for that position by President Barack Obama in March 2015, and confirmed by the Senate that June.  Although I might have missed one, it is my impression that Shulkin is the only person nominated by Trump that was part of the Obama administration.


The really offensive thing is that Trump offered the position to several people before Shulkin, and Palin wasn’t one of them.

No doubt Sarah Palin is wondering where have all the flowers,young men, soldiers, supporters,and dollar bills gone?



Donald Trump never said he’d definitely put Sarah Palin in is cabinet.  All Trump ever said was that she might play a role in his administration, if shes so desired. Given her lack of education, experience, and her history as a quitter, it would be hard to find a role for  Palin in this administration.  She isn’t really experienced washing her own panties.   


She’s proven herself to be a poor rock runner.


Nobody believes she really cooks.


Nobody believes she really hunts.



Compare Sarah Palin to Jeff Miller who is also being considered for that position.  Mr. Miller is a soon-to-be retired representative from Florida’s First Congressional District. Miller, a Republican, has been a member of the House of Representatives’ Veterans Affairs Committee since taking office in 2001, and has served as its chairman since 2011.  In recent years Miller has gained national attention as his committee has investigated long wait times for appointments at VA medical facilities and other scandals in the department. An early Trump supporter, he was thought by many to be a favorite for the position shortly after the election.

He has the support of many veterans advocates in Northwest Florida, including his successor, Congressman-elect Matt Gaetz.  Conversely, Sarah Palin has been criticized by veterans groups, and would be the first person appointed to run the VA who is not herself a Veteran.   Miller has expressed a willingness to take the job if offered.

Perhaps the even more important consideration is the fact that Miller has demonstrated   his willingness to work toward making a difference for Vets.  Palin has not demonstrated a willingness to work towards making a difference for anyone, except herself.








It was almost a year ago that Donald Trump said  he had not asked Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential candidate.  He did not think “it’d be something that she’d want to do.” But, he indicated, she could play a role in his administration if she so desired.

“She’s been through that, and interestingly, Savannah, this is a 100 percent fact, when she came to see me and she talked to me, I could see that she really liked what we were saying,” the Republican presidential candidate said in a telephone interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today,” following Palin’s endorsement of his campaign.


Palin did not approach Trump with any demands about what she would like to do in the campaign or in a potential Trump administration.

“She never made a deal, like so many people want to try and make deals. I mean, she just said: I really like what’s going on, it’s an amazing thing, I’ve never seen anything like it in politics,” Trump told Guthrie.

While adding that Palin could “certainly” play a role in his campaign or future administration, potentially as the vice presidential pick, Trump declined to engage in any speculation as to whether she would be his choice, boasting that “everybody wanted” the endorsement of the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

“I haven’t discussed it with her. No, I haven’t discussed anything with her about what she’d do, but she’s somebody I really like and I respect. And certainly, she could play a position if she wanted to,” Trump said, adding that he did not think Palin would want to do that again.

“I mean, I don’t think she’d want to do it, and I really don’t get into it right now because — that question is always asked of me, who do you have in mind,” he continued. “And I don’t even think about VP right now, and I just want to win. I’ve always been a closer, I get the deal done, I have to win before I start thinking about that.”

Last night Kellyanne Conway told Megyn Kelly of Fox News

“Sarah Palin’s isn’t in the running for a cabinet job in the Trump administration — at least as far as the senior adviser to his transition team is aware.

“I know that they’re close and that she’s been a great, loyal friend and adviser to him throughout the campaign, but I haven’t seen her as part of the cabinet mix.”

It must be a sad day for Sarah Palin, realizing that she endorsed Trump, disavowed Ted Cruz, and now that Trump has won, she won’t be included in his administration.  If she were to reach out to Trump, this might be what she’d say:

Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin speaks to Tea Party supporters at a Tea Party express rally at Vetran's memorial park in Manchester, NH. -- Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin speaks to supporters at a Tea Party express rally at Veteran's memorial park.  New Hampshire. 5th September 2011

E-mail from Sarah Palin to Donald Trump

Re:  Appointment as Inside Shelf Girl

Hey Donald, you rat,

Did you think you could ignore me like one of your previous wives or mistresses?  Did you forget the Todd has a lot of crap on you?

I was just thinking of how we could make Merica Great Again,  and I was just thinkin that if you’d just go ahead and appoint me to your shelf, but only the inside shelf, an don’t call me a Secretary, just call me your girl, I’m ready to serve.  I don’t want to be Shelf Person of the Exterior.  I don’t want to be Shelf Person of the Superior or in charge of the Inferior Shelf.  I have  great experience with Interiors…everyone says so.  Just look at my home in Alaska.   I have shelves all over my house.  I live in the Interior.  When we built the house, the contractor build a lot of shelves just like the ones at the hockey center, at no extra cost.  When I had four or five children we built them shelves, all that we put in the Interior of the house.  All of my illegitimate grandkids were born, regardless of the date, in the interior.  We built them their own shelves. Todd keeps all his women in the interior near their shelves.  Bristol dances in the Interior and works in the Interior for the Dr. whose name has something to do with masturbation, but ask anyone, her shelves are impressive.  Every time I go to the restroom I do it in the interior and I keep my toiletries on the shelves.  You will never find a woman who has a better relationship with the interior, and more familiar with shelves than me.  Please announce my appointment to your shelf.  I never found out what a Vice President does, but I know what the Shelf position is. Todd told me about that has to do with interiors.


I know you think I’m stupid, but I know what a shelf is, and I have a lot of experience with them.  I know you think I’m too old to be of interest to you, but appointing a woman to a shelf position that you don’t find attractive would be good for your image.   I hear you seem to have a hard time keeping your hands to yourself.  If you don’t find me attractive, what a great idea…appointing a woman whose pussy you won’t be inclined to grab.

palin-fat-two palin-yoga

I’m not black, Muslim, or homosexual.  Like you, I love Jews.  I agree somebody else should pay for everything, and I use my kids for political advantage, just like you.  Like you, I agree that Mexico is not sending its finest, and a wall is a great idea.  I know you made fun of a disabled reporter, but he was probably too stupid to know what you were saying.

You incite violence.  I encourage people to “reload”.  That Gabby Giffords thing…most people have forgotten about that.

You and Todd could form a joint venture.  Todd could handle the women and you could handle the girls.  Melania has posed naked.  I got naked for a massage once.  Melania doesn’t want to live with you.  I don’t want to live with Todd.  You embarrassed Ted Cruz.  So did I.  I post ridiculous things on Facebook.  You do it on Twitter.  We don’t have a dog any longer, and you never had one at all.  Melania has had her breasts enlarged, and so have I.


You hair looks funny, and so does mine.



You have had plastic surgery, and so have I.  You have nothing nice to say about Alec Baldwin, and neither do I.

I have an orange hand, and you have an orange face.


You have a spouse who doesn’t want to live with you, and so do I.  You inspire people to fight, and so do I.  You are undefeated and so am I.


You don’t want to incur my wrath!


Just ask Todd.



Donald Trump has previously declared that there would be a place in his cabinet for Sarah Palin.  Trump’s justification for giving such an uneducated, inexperienced person such an important job was the number of Facebook followers!  Trump said:

“She’s really somebody who knows what’s happening. She’s a special person. She’s really a special person. And I think people know that and she’s got a following that’s unbelievable,” he continued. (Palin has more than 4 million Facebook followers.)  Now that Trump has been elected President,he is focusing on his appointments for his cabinet.  He is considering Sarah Palin for Interior Secretary.

Trump, the anti-establishment candidate, is already doing the same thing he complained about during his campaign.  He is seriously considering appointment of those who supported him during the campaign, rather than those  who are most competent to fill a position.  Sarah Palin is the perfect example of appointment of political allies instead of the most competent people.

The U.S. Department of the Interior “uses sound science to manage and sustain America’s lands, water, wildlife, and energy resources, honors our nation’s responsibilities to tribal nations, and advocates for America’s island communities.”  “As keepers of our nation’s legacy, we manage the resources in our care to benefit Americans now and in the future.” The current Interior Secretary is Sally Jewell.

Secretary Jewell has said:  “Every day, I think about this phrase: ‘We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’

“My job is to take the long-view.”

As Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell leads an agency with more than 70,000 employees. Interior serves as steward for approximately 20 percent of the nation’s lands, including national parks, national wildlife refuges, and other public lands; oversees the responsible development of conventional and renewable energy supplies on public lands and waters; is the largest supplier and manager of water in the 17 Western states; and upholds trust responsibilities to the 567 federally recognized American Indian tribes and Alaska Natives.  Sarah Palin has no experience managing significant numbers of employees.  Her most recent jobs requried her to read a script.


Compare Jewell’s experience with Palin’s.  Prior to her confirmation, Jewell served in the private sector, most recently as President and Chief Executive Officer of Recreation Equipment, Inc. (REI). Jewell joined REI as Chief Operating Officer in 2000 and was named CEO in 2005. During her tenure, REI nearly tripled in business to $2 billion and was consistently ranked one of the 100 best companies to work for by Fortune Magazine.  Before joining to REI, Jewell spent 19 years as a commercial banker, first as an energy and natural resources expert and later working with a diverse array of businesses that drive our nation’s economy. Trained as a petroleum engineer, Jewell started her career with Mobil Oil Corp. in the oil and gas fields of Oklahoma and the exploration and production office in Denver, Colo. where she was exposed to the remarkable diversity of our nation’s oil and gas resources.  Her degree is in mechanical engineering, and she actually worked on components for the Alaska Pipeline.


Trump probably thinks that Interior Secretary would be a good place to park Sarah Palin since he doesn’t believe protecting the environment is important.  He has called human-caused climate change a “hoax.” He has vowed to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency “in almost every form.”  With Trump at the helm, the world may have no way to avoid the most devastating consequences of global warming, including rising sea levels, extreme droughts and food shortages, and more powerful floods and storms.  Mr. Trump has already vowed to “cancel” last year’s Paris climate agreement, which commits more than 190 countries to reduce their emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution, and to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, Mr. Obama’s domestic climate change regulations.

“If Trump steps back from that, it makes it much less likely that the world will ever meet that target, and essentially ensures we will head into the danger zone,” said Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton University and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which produces global reports on the state of climate science.  His appointment of Sarah Palin as Interior Secretary would signal the inevitability of that disaster.

Scientific reports released over the last two years have concluded that the measurable warming of the planet because of human activities has already begun. This year is on track to be the hottest on record, blasting past the previous records set in 2015 and 2014.  Yet, Sarah Palin believes that climate change is a hoax.  She differs from 97% of scientists.



  Today, the amount of carbon dioxide is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. And the Earth’s average temperature is increasing faster than ever before.  The facts about global warming are indisputable.
  • Average sea level is expected to rise 1 – 4 feet before the end of this century – and perhaps as much as 6.6 feet (if, as some models predict, the rate of ice melting from Greenland and Antarctica increases).
  • In 1910 Glacier National Park was home to more an estimated 150 glaciers. That number has now shrunk to less than 30. This national park is expected to eventually lose all its glaciers. This is only one example of glacial melt that is occurring all over the world.
  • The current pace of global average temperature rise puts approximately 25 to 35 percent of plant and animal species at increased risk of extinction.
  • Rain forest destruction contributes to climate change. That’s because trees store carbon dioxide as they grow. Clearing and burning forests releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • The world’s coral reefs are in the midst of a global mass die off. The coral bleaching event could destroy 5 percent of all reefs. This is extremely detrimental to the already diminished coral population that took a massive hit during the 1998 El Nino.
    Even bacteria in the oceans are growing and posing an increased risk to human health as waters heat up.


Climate change is not a future problem, but rather one that we are actively dealing with.  Surprise, surprise: Last month was the hottest August ever recorded, marking the 11th straight month that global heat records have been shattered, according to NASA data.  August had a global average surface temperature of about 1.76 degrees Fahrenheit above average, NASA said. It also tied with July as the warmest month ever recorded since record-keeping began in 1880.

We are well on our way to the warmest year recorded.”If deemed the hottest year ever, 2016 will be the third year in a row to boast this unfortunate title.

Global warming is ALREADY CAUSING:

More frequent and severe weather

Higher death rates

Dirtier air

Higher wildlife extinction rates

More acidic oceans

Higher sea levels

Two days ago we were faced with the unimaginable reality that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States.  After two days in mourning, we had convinced ourselves that our country would survive four bad years, and we’d make sure it never happened again.  However if Sarah Palin is appointed to protect the environment of America, and thereby planet earth, we may never recover.  We can’t laugh about the stupidity of Sarah Palin any longer.  We must speak out today!  Call your Republican Senators and Representatives and implore them to use any powers of persuasion they might have with Donald Trump.  Please don’t entrust the future of our planet to Sarah Palin.


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