Examples of the Hypocrisy of Sarah Palin: Can You Count That High?

For roughly 7 months I have been writing daily about the outrageous behavior of Sarah Palin.  In the multiple articles written, I have worked hard to document everything I have covered in each post.  Since we were introduced to Sarah Palin in the fall of 2008, we have learned a lot about the hypocrisy of... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin was in Bed with BP

In a Facebook post on June 8th, Sarah Palin wrote, “As a CEO, it was my job to look out for the interests of Alaskans with the same intensity and action as the oil company CEO’s looked out for the interest of their shareholders”. Palin’s Facebook post is misleading as she was never CEO of... Continue Reading →

The Mottoes of Sarah Palin: Drill Baby Drill; Stall Baby Stall; Lie Baby Lie!

In 2009 the American Dental Association sued the Republican Party asserting that “drill baby drill” was a motto of the Dental Association, and had been wrongfully used by the Republican Party during the convention of 2008.    Most of us didn’t hear “drill baby drill” from our dentist, but from Michael Steele and Rudy Giuliani... Continue Reading →

Crude Awakening – BP Public Relations Department Tweets

While not BP's actual PR department, some clever folks have established a Twitter account to parody BP's handling of the oil spill. As stated on the site, "This page exists to get BP's message and mission statement out into the twitterverse". Below are some favorite tweets: We've hired Dick Cheney's former publicist to head up... Continue Reading →

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