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The Senate Confirmation Hearings for Rex Tillerson, are happening now!  Go to the link if you are interested.  In addition to concerns about Tillerson’s connections to Vladimir Putin and Russia “Hello” has brought to our attention a new article about Tillerson’s tenure as President of the Boy Scouts.    Tillerson served as President of the Boy Scouts from 2010-2012.  During that time Tillerson had access to thousands of files of documented Sexual violence against children.  Those cases wer enever reported to the police.

While Tillerson was President there was a suit filed in Oregon demanding that the scouts release 1900 files of sexual abuse.  The Oregon Supreme Court issued its ruling after Tillerson stepped down as President, but he must have been aware of the content of the files while President.

During Tillerson’s tenure, one particular case was working its way through the Oregon court system, culminating in an October 2012 ruling in the Oregon Supreme Court—four months after Tillerson stepped down as president—that ruled the BSA had to release 1,900 files to the public.

The attitude of Tillerson while serving as President of the Boy Scouts is frightening!  He was willing to cover-up outrageous behavior, knowing that the cover-up would likely result in additional cases of abuse.  He was supposed to be looking out for the boys in the Boy Scouts instead of the leaders.  Yet he acted to protect the leadership of the scouts,instead of the thousands of boys.  As Secretary of State, the citizens of America would be the people he should be protecting, but the liklihood is that it would be Trump that he would actually be protecting.




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Certainly some have speculated that Bristol is already past her due date.  Lucky for Bristol that she doesn’t seem to have that annoying water weight gain in her face, hands, lower legs, and feet.

Compare these pictures:

bristol boys hawaii

bristol seven andhalf months

to this picture.  Pay particular attention to how high Bristol appears to be carrying the baby in this picture.  Now compare how high she still appears to be carrying the baby.


bristol two weeks to go


Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 12.01.07 PM

Normally right before a baby is born it “drops” and is carried by the mother very low.

pregnancy dropping


Bristol said this in her post:

My Due Date is…

Oh best friends, I want to tell you that I only have four days until my due date!

But I have a feeling baby girl won’t want to come anytime soon …

If you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm right away, let me share my observations.  First Bristol is dressed in black, after my post commenting on her wearing white in the previous two posts.  Next, she addresses her “best friends” to tell them of her due date.  Her best friends already knew her due date, and have probably already gotten to hold the new baby.

Bristol says “baby girl” won’t come anytime soon.  There was the post by Sarah’s brother with a new male member of the family.

Why would Bristol suggest that the baby girl “won’t come anytime soon”?  She has posted multiple pictures of herself and information about how soon the baby is due.  Maybe she isn’t really having a girl?  Maybe they just think its a girl?  Maybe it won’t come anytime soon because the baby has already been born?

bristol palin dancing with stars

Yesterday Bristol posted her condemnation of the President for inviting Ahmed Mohamed.  Her remarks were written on Bristol’s blog, Patheos, which advertises it is a blog “Hosting a Conversation on Faith.”  The amazing thing is that the blog itself features Editor’s picks of articles that highlight the importance of respect for all religions.  On of the “Editor’s Picks” is the article “Lessons from Ahmed Mohamed Story”

14 yearold bomb irving


Here is an excerpt from that article:

“And don’t stop at the gates of the masjid. Reach out to the non-Muslims in your community. We cannot segregate and ghettoize ourselves and think that we will sully our souls by interacting with those who have a different faith than we do. This is a different kind of bigotry but just as reprehensible. You live here. Live here. Live with the Black neighbor and the Latino neighbor and the Korean neighbor, Muslim or non-Muslim. You will enrich yourself and your neighbors, and they won’t be afraid of you when they know you. It’s hard for bigotry to stand in the face of a welcoming smile and a plate of baklava.”

So Bristol is using a blog, promoting tolerance for different religions, to condemn people who promote tolerance of different religions.  The Home Page of the patheos blog has links to:










Progressive Christian


I wonder if the host of this blog realizes that Bristol is using it for condemnation of religious tolerance?

muslim hatred

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