Trump Bans Black Champion Athletes from the White House

Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship on Friday night.  Certainly there was no guarantee that Golden State would win the series.  However on Friday it seemed likely they would win the series as it wasa 3-0 going into the final game.  Donald Trump couldn't wait for the final outcome to announce that whoever won,... Continue Reading →

Unlike Trump, Black Americans Know the Words to God Bless America

During the campaign, Donald Trump attacked the NFL players who were trying to bring attention to the plight of young black males who were being murdered by police officers.  Instead of acknowledging the problem, Donald Trump went on the offensive.  Instead of acknowledging the problem, he attacked the players suggesting that taking a knee was... Continue Reading →

“You Have Nothing to Fear Except a Mad Black Woman in the White House” is “Fake News”

Trump sent out another tweet bashing the media as "fake news."  This tweet reveals why Trump so often describes the news as "fake."  In Trump's mind anything that is negative about him must be "fake."   Here's the tweet: "The Fake News is working overtime. Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with... Continue Reading →

Trump’s “Obsession for Revenge” is the Motivation for His Attacks on the NFL

  I has become tradition for presidents to be interviewed ahead of the Super Bowl.  However Trump refused to be interviewed.    But his assault on the NFL didn't stop there. It's no secret that Donald Trump has condemned NFL players who knelt during the playing of the national anthem. By referring to those players... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Racist Remarks Go Far Beyond Kneeling During the Anthem!

Donald Trump assailed the black NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem. Trump said that the owner should "get that son of a bitch" off the field, referring to Colin Kaepernick. Much debate has ensued.  The focus of the coverage has been about the Black players protesting during the national anthem.  Some... Continue Reading →

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