Trump’s Racist Remarks Go Far Beyond Kneeling During the Anthem!

Donald Trump assailed the black NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem. Trump said that the owner should "get that son of a bitch" off the field, referring to Colin Kaepernick. Much debate has ensued.  The focus of the coverage has been about the Black players protesting during the national anthem.  Some... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Forgets to Think

"Absolutely no respect" is the total comment of Sarah Palin to this story.  Here is the total story featured on Palin's Facebook: “So over the weekend, the bum in chief decided he was going to make some noise at the NBA and then also at the NFL and then he sort of went crazy and was... Continue Reading →

Jordan Edwards Didn’t Merit a Tweet from the President!

Donald Trump, our President, dedicates himself to all-things Trump.  For the last several days he has devoted substantial time, and Twitter space to exchanging insults with Morning Joe and Mika.  The tragedy of Trump's inability to focus on anything other than himself is best illustrated by his total silence about the murder of Jordan Edwards... Continue Reading →

The Trump White House: Out With Blacks, In With Old White Men

Some say Trump has been a very outspoken racist. Whatever Trump's current view of Blacks in America, it seems undisputed that Trump has a long and colorful history of discrimination.  The fact that Trump's only appointment to his cabinet of an African-American was Ben Carson as the Secretary of HUD, is all the evidence you need... Continue Reading →

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