Trump Inflicts Fatal Blow to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has been an outspoken proponent of Donald Trump since she endorsed him a year ago.  Ironically that was Jan. 19, 2016.  Exactly one year later on the 20th of Jan. 2017 Trump will be inaugurated. She actually told Trump recently that she would like to be considered for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.... Continue Reading →

Compare Palin to Jeff Miller for VA Secretary

Donald Trump never said he'd definitely put Sarah Palin in is cabinet.  All Trump ever said was that she might play a role in his administration, if shes so desired. Given her lack of education, experience, and her history as a quitter, it would be hard to find a role for  Palin in this administration.  She... Continue Reading →

God Thinks the Appointment of Sarah Palin by Trump Would Be Terrible, Terrible, Terrible!

  Thank God he talks to Pat Robertson!  It's good to know what God is thinking.  When Pat Robertson speaks, it seems like he is God's voice.  Worry no longer about what God thinks,just ask Robertson. It was September 17th of 2008 Palin received the enthusiastic support of the evangelical Christian Coalition, whose founder was Pat... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s Got Her “Panties in a Wad”

Sarah Palin didn't call for a boycott of Black Santa because he was described as white in the Bible.  She didn't get coal from the Black Santa.  She hasn't become friends with Shailey Tripp.  She hasn't produced a birth certificate for Trig.    She hasn't returned Bristol's ring.  She hasn't made any more blueberry pie,... Continue Reading →

The Case of Ted Cruz’s Missing Jacket – He Was an April’s Fool!

  On CNN this morning, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter and pro-Trump newspaper columnist Adriana Cohen were asked to discuss the two candidates’ ridiculous feud over their wives. As soon as Cohen began speaking, talk turned to...something else. What are the chances Ted and his communications director would get identical  temporary tattoos the... Continue Reading →

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