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U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives for a campaign event in Phoenix, Arizona July 11, 2015. REUTERS/Nancy Wiechec - RTX1K1CM

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin addresses attendees at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

Sarah Palin has been an outspoken proponent of Donald Trump since she endorsed him a year ago.  Ironically that was Jan. 19, 2016.  Exactly one year later on the 20th of Jan. 2017 Trump will be inaugurated.

She actually told Trump recently that she would like to be considered for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  She previously told him that she’d like to be considered fo

r Secretary of Energy.   Trump actually said that there would be a place in his administration for Palin.  Here’s what was reported:

While adding that Palin could “certainly” play a role in his campaign or future administration, potentially as the vice presidential pick, Trump declined to engage in any speculation as to whether she would be his choice, boasting that “everybody wanted” the endorsement of the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

“I haven’t discussed it with her. No, I haven’t discussed anything with her about what she’d do, but she’s somebody I really like and I respect. And certainly, she could play a position if she wanted to,” Trump said, adding that he did not think Palin would want to do that again.”

However now that Trump is the President-elect, and he is days away from his inauguration,he has finally filled the last remaining position in his administration that was left open.  That would be the same position that Sarah wanted,the Secretary of veterans affairs.  In a slap-in-the-face to Sarah, Trump selected David Shulkin to be his Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  To run salt in Sarah’s wig, Trump appointed Shulkin who is currently the under secretary for health at the VA, where he runs the Veterans Health Administration, and he was nominated for that position by President Barack Obama in March 2015, and confirmed by the Senate that June.  Although I might have missed one, it is my impression that Shulkin is the only person nominated by Trump that was part of the Obama administration.


The really offensive thing is that Trump offered the position to several people before Shulkin, and Palin wasn’t one of them.

No doubt Sarah Palin is wondering where have all the flowers,young men, soldiers, supporters,and dollar bills gone?



Donald Trump never said he’d definitely put Sarah Palin in is cabinet.  All Trump ever said was that she might play a role in his administration, if shes so desired. Given her lack of education, experience, and her history as a quitter, it would be hard to find a role for  Palin in this administration.  She isn’t really experienced washing her own panties.   


She’s proven herself to be a poor rock runner.


Nobody believes she really cooks.


Nobody believes she really hunts.



Compare Sarah Palin to Jeff Miller who is also being considered for that position.  Mr. Miller is a soon-to-be retired representative from Florida’s First Congressional District. Miller, a Republican, has been a member of the House of Representatives’ Veterans Affairs Committee since taking office in 2001, and has served as its chairman since 2011.  In recent years Miller has gained national attention as his committee has investigated long wait times for appointments at VA medical facilities and other scandals in the department. An early Trump supporter, he was thought by many to be a favorite for the position shortly after the election.

He has the support of many veterans advocates in Northwest Florida, including his successor, Congressman-elect Matt Gaetz.  Conversely, Sarah Palin has been criticized by veterans groups, and would be the first person appointed to run the VA who is not herself a Veteran.   Miller has expressed a willingness to take the job if offered.

Perhaps the even more important consideration is the fact that Miller has demonstrated   his willingness to work toward making a difference for Vets.  Palin has not demonstrated a willingness to work towards making a difference for anyone, except herself.







Thank God he talks to Pat Robertson!  It’s good to know what God is thinking.  When Pat Robertson speaks, it seems like he is God’s voice.  Worry no longer about what God thinks,just ask Robertson.

It was September 17th of 2008 Palin received the enthusiastic support of the evangelical Christian Coalition, whose founder was Pat Robertson.

It seems God has changed his opinion of Sarah Palin.  God explained, through Robertson:


It seems that Pat Robertson was baffled by reports that President-elect Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Robertson told Wendy Griffith that Palin should absolutely not be nominated to the Cabinet post.

Heaven help us from that,” Robertson said. “That would be a terrible thing. Terrible. Terrible.”

When Griffith said Palin has “a lot on her plate,” Robertson responded, “Too much on her plate, that’s a nice way of putting it.”





Sarah Palin didn’t call for a boycott of Black Santa because he was described as white in the Bible.  She didn’t get coal from the Black Santa.  She hasn’t become friends with Shailey Tripp.  She hasn’t produced a birth certificate for Trig.    She hasn’t returned Bristol’s ring.  She hasn’t made any more blueberry pie,


any nobody knows what happened to the Palin Thanksgiving?!


(Did Trig recover from the Thanksgiving-choke-hold?)

Sarah hasn’t been seen doing any more rock running,






or brawling.


Perhaps nobody cares if she isn’t doing these things, but we are certain that Palin has her “panties in a wad”

because Trump hasn’t found a position for her in his cabinet yet.


I know she’s be mentioned for Energy Secretary, Interior Secretary, and now she’s even gone so far as to tell the Trump team that she want’s the position as Secretary of Veterans affairs.  Maybe she could arrange to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him about her wish too!



On CNN this morning, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter and pro-Trump newspaper columnist Adriana Cohen were asked to discuss the two candidates’ ridiculous feud over their wives. As soon as Cohen began speaking, talk turned to…something else.

cruz tatoo

What are the chances Ted and his communications director would get identical  temporary tattoos the same day?

amanda carpenter tat

The really funny thing is that Ted isn’t wearing a Jacket in his appearance on Fox.  Amanda is wearing a man’s Jacket.  Funny thing is that this occurred on April Fool’s Day 2014!
The amazing thing is that it was so unusual for a man to appear on Fox without a jacket, that the fact that Cruz was appearing without his jacket was the first thing the Fox News commentators mentioned in the interview.
While Amanda is denying the affair, she has previously said that Ted was so sweet she might cry.
Amanda posted on her Twitter:

Twitter post of Sept 24, 2013 of Amanda Carpenter:

“Cruz about to do something very sweet. I may cry.”


ted cruz national enquirer

Cruz was so offensive to me that I used to feel like I might cry!  Now that the truth has come out I’m crying tears of joy.

cruz green eggs ham

Some might say Ted denied the affairs.  But consider what Ted really said.  He never said that he didn’t cheat on his wife,or that he never slept with Ms. Carpenter, that he never loaned her his jacket, or what other matching tattoos they might have gotten on other parts of their bodies.

dr seuss tat two

dr seuss tat three



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