Palin and Trump are Conspicuously Quiet on UN Sex Scandal

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are unafraid to play the role of attack dogs.  They have each frequently expressed outrage on topics they know nothing about.  Palin has been quick to condemn the United Nations when it helped create the appearance that she was acting for religious reasons. "Palin’s threat to punish the UN for... Continue Reading →

Confirmation Hearing NOW for Rex Tillerson, the former President of the Boy Scouts and Cover-Up Artist

The Senate Confirmation Hearings for Rex Tillerson, are happening now!  Go to the link if you are interested.  In addition to concerns about Tillerson's connections to Vladimir Putin and Russia "Hello" has brought to our attention a new article about Tillerson's tenure as President of the Boy Scouts.    Tillerson served as President of the... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Abuse of Women is An Epidemic!

First it was Trump bragging about the size of his hands and other things.  Then he was sued in a civil case in which a woman alleged she was raped as a 13 year old by Trump.  There was verification that Trump hung out with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  There was the Playboy "soft-porn" movie... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump is the Lowest Form of Humanity!

Some would say that a child-molester is the lowest form of humanity.  We have already explored that characteristic of Donald Trump. However the "close second" to child molesters would have to be people who abuse charities.  What could be more worthy of admiration than a person who gives altruistically?   What could be worse than... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Advocates the Election of Donald Trump, a Woman Abuser

From the time I started this blog, I have been motivated to highlight the damage done to the image of women by Sarah Palin.  It was particularly offensive that McCain chose her as a running mate, when there were many more qualified and competent women.  Instead of choosing the woman who was most educated, experienced,... Continue Reading →

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