Open Letter to all Alaskans: Time to Tell What You Know About the Palins

To Every Alaskan: For eight years we have watched and listened to stories about the Palin family.  There was the scandal arising from the fact that Sarah was pregnant when she married Todd.  It was suspected that Todd was not the father of Track.  When Curtis Menhard died in a mysterious plane crash, there was... Continue Reading →

If Bristol Palin is the Fifth Most Influential Conservative Under 30, The Conservative Movement is Dead!

Bristol Palin has been identified by Newsmax as the #5 person, under 30,  who best reflects the values of the conservative movement.  Bristol is so proud of the honor, she posted this on her blog. Sarah's heart hasn't soared this high since met that excited fan at one of her speeches.  She posted the announcement... Continue Reading →

FRAUD ALERT! Bristol Forgot Families Matter! “God Designed Sex For Marriage”

Fraud Alert!!! Sarah Palin in her book America by Heart, has given advice on how to raise conservative, God-fearing, principled, moral children. The following are excerpts from America by Heart, which were clearly intended to portray Sarah and her family as virtuous, sane, grounded, and close to God.  Sarah has proclaimed the importance of family and... Continue Reading →

Bristol Got into a “Situation” because She Didn’t Pause Before She Played

Most people would call this child molestation, sexual abuse, and/or rape. In some countries they call this marriage. 1. In 2012 the UN reported that 1/3 of girls in developing nations are married before their 18th birthday. One out of nine will be married before their 15th birthday. 2. The World Health Organization reports that... Continue Reading →

Bristol’s Defender Exploits Her Pregnancy for Personal Gain

Let me begin by clearly stating my biases. I have written two books on Sarah Palin, and lost money on them. I have written on this blog for 4½ years and have never earned a penny for my time. I have a suit pending in Federal Court, to attempt to uncover the truth about the... Continue Reading →

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