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To Every Alaskan:

For eight years we have watched and listened to stories about the Palin family.  There was the scandal arising from the fact that Sarah was pregnant when she married Todd.  It was suspected that Todd was not the father of Track.  When Curtis Menhard died in a mysterious plane crash, there was even greater suspicion.


There was the scandal surrounding the birth of Trig.  We wondered when he was actually born and who his biological parents were.  Between the wild ride home from Texas, the fact that nobody knew Sarah was pregnant, and Bristol’s disappearance from school and relocation to live with her aunt, there was ample reason to suspect that Trig was not born when he was reported to have been born.  No medical records or birth certificate has ever been produced in spite of much controversy.

palin pregnant

Levi Johnston, kisses Trig, brother of his girlfriend Bristol Palin, as she holds him during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Sarah herself reported that Trig was born in Anchorage.

When Tripp was born there was new suspicion that things were not as reported.  It is inconceivable that Bristol’s child was coincidentally given the same name as the last name,with the same spelling, of the woman who claimed to be Todd’s prostitute.

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

There was the license plate with the name “Tripp” and the refusal of the DMV to provide the date that Todd applied for that plate.

tripp plate house black truck

tripp plate on car

There was the video of Bristol taken within a few days of Tripp’s reported birthdate, that clearly shows Bristol was NOT pregnant.

Now, there is the birth of Sailor that seems to have been established to have been on 11-4-15.    Of course Bristol claimed that the baby was born on Dec. 23, 2015.

bristol baby one

bristol in bed with sailor ball showin g

However when the date on her IV was revealed to be 11-4-15, it appeared that the photo that Bristol posted proved the actual date of her daughter’s birth.  There was also the fact that Bristol was not listed as a patient at any Alaska hospital on the date she purportedly gave birth.  When Bristol was asked to explain the date on the IV tape her response was “fuck you.”  When she realized that “fuck you” was not a persuasive explanation, she posted this photo-shopped image to attempt to prove that she had accurately reported Sailor’s birth date.

bristol baby photoshopped

However the change in hands of the IV, the change in the wall color behind her bed, and the presence of Sarah in the picture when Sarah’s Facebook post revealed she was in New Orleans .  It was hard to understand how Sarah and Todd could have posed for this picture, posted the day after the baby’s birth, from New Orleans.

palin todd sailor new orleans

Sarah was wearing different glasses and blouse than what she was wearing in the photo-shopped picture.

Sarah, Bristol,and now Dakota Meyer are sharing their opinions about Presidential candidates.  The general public thinks the Palins are religious, honest people.  Enough!  No More!  It is time to stand up to the Palins and say NO MORE!  You have pushed too far and we will no longer be fooled by your deceptions!

Because we know that Sailor was born in November rather than December, there must be many Alaskans who know that Bristol did not give birth to Sailor in December.  I understand that employees of the hospital may not be able to reveal the identity of patients or confidential patient information due to HIPPA.   However HIPPA does not prevent you from coming forward to say that someone lied.  HIPPA does not prevent people from saying that you have personal knowledge that someone was NOT a patient at a hospital in Alaska.  If you are a nurse, a janitor, a hospital administrator, a clerk, you might know that Bristol was NOT a  patient in your hospital in December of 2015.  If you worked in the cafeteria at a hospital in Alaska, and prepared trays of food for patients, you would be in a position to know who was NOT a patient in your hospital in December of 2015.  Please consider leaving a comment on this blog to confirm that Bristol was NOT a patient at your hospital in December of 2015.

If you are Dakota Meyer, please confirm the birth date of the child that the Palins suggested was your daughter.

If you are a neighbor of Bristol Palin and you saw her at home Dec. 23 or 24th of 2015, please let us know.

I declare that I will protect any confidential information about your identity that you send to me on this blog.  The Presidential election is too important to have people like Bristol and Sarah Palin promoting any candidate, when neither can be trusted to even be truthful about the identity of the children, the fathers of their children, and the birth dates of their children.

bristol and sarah on oprah

We can blame the Palins for their repeated lies.  We can only blame ourselves if we don’t step forward and say “ENOUGH”.  The Palin family brawl occurred and people remained quiet.  Track Palin has committed domestic abuse of a women, and there appears to be little accountability.  NO MORE!








Bristol Palin has been identified by Newsmax as the #5 person, under 30,  who best reflects the values of the conservative movement.  Bristol is so proud of the honor, she posted this on her blog.

Sarah’s heart hasn’t soared this high since met that excited fan at one of her speeches.  She posted the announcement on her blog.

palin boner

Newsmax explained the award as the identification of the 30 young people who are “making strides to bolster the values near and dear to the heart of the movement.”

So, let’s consider the woman identified as the beacon of conservative values:

bristol pee

bristol monkey

bristol preg

bristol sailor pink

bristol baby photoshopped

bristol and marina kissing


bristol and marina

bristol palin conservative values

bristol pregnant dwts







bristol three images ba by

She smoked pot on camera. She curses like a sailor.  She hangs out with prostitutes.  She has no education.  She works for Dr. Jack Me0off…when she works.  She has never been married, but has become pregnant with 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 kids.  She uses homophobic slurs.  She has never held elected office.  She has never volunteered for any charity.  She is a worthless piece of trash.

If Bristol Palin represents conservative values, we should all be liberals.

Fraud Alert!!!

Sarah Palin in her book America by Heart, has given advice on how to raise conservative, God-fearing, principled, moral children.

america by heart

The following are excerpts from America by Heart, which were clearly intended to portray Sarah and her family as virtuous, sane, grounded, and close to God.  Sarah has proclaimed the importance of family and raising children in a home with a mother and father.

• “ Our families lay the finger of God on our foreheads. They bring us closer to our Creator, but they also bring us closer to our communities and the wider world.” (page 197)

• “Families matter. This was something that our Founders took for granted, but it’s a truth we commonsense conservatives are increasingly forced to defend these days. …After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers…And it was another twenty years before the country really began to feel the effects of the decline of the family in rising crime rates, drug abuse, and long term welfare dependency.”(pages 113-114)

• “For me, the rule is put your family first, because our families are the most loyal friends and greatest blessings we have in life.” (page 92)

• “…I had my first child Track, and I truly believe my life began that day. It was the day I began to realize that it’s not about me.” (page 101)”

• I’ve always known they have my back…” (page 92)(She wrote this before the Palin family brawl).

• “If you want to get anything done in life, it’s helpful to have a “First Dude.” (page 94)(this was written after the story of Todd the Pimp)

todd palin natl enquirer shailey tripp

• “If it’s important to one of us, it gets support from all of us.”(page 94)(Why hasn’t Sarah acknowledged Bristol’s latest pregnancy/child?)

• “…ours has been a typical American family story.”(page 99)(no college degrees, at least three children conceived out of wed-lock)

• “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience , ambition inspired,and success achieved.” (page 98)


palin snarl

In chapter four of the book she was even more specific about the importance of having children AFTER marriage.

• “90% of fatherhood is just showing up.”(page 103)

• “The founders simply took it for granted that a republic relies on informed and virtuous citizens, and that informed and virtuous citizens are created in turn by strong families.” (page 109)

• “The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families” (page 110)

• “After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers is relative recent in our history.” (pages 113-114)

• “…this lack of fathers translated into high crime rates, rampant drug abuse, educational failure, and chronic welfare dependency.” (page 115)

• “In many cases, the difference was strong, intact families—the families our Founders deemed essential to the success of our republic.” (page 115)

• “Standing up for the family wasn’t fashionable then and it is even less fashionable now.” (page 116)

• “…families do matter and fathers do matter.”( page 117)

• “Many people have argued, rightly, that the core problem is the weakness of families. Two-parent families do some obvious things. They provide more people to watch over and care for children, and they supply male role models for young boys.” (page 118)

• To avoid poverty, do three things: finish high school, marry before having a child, and produce the child after you are twenty years old.” (page 119)

Track married Britta just three months before she gave birth. They divorced when Kyla was less than 2 years old. Bristol never married and has worked hard to prevent Levi from seeing Tripp. Sarah disparaged the father of her grandson by calling him a “dead-beat dad.”

The Palin family has actually made money off the unwed teen pregnancy of Bristol. Even though Bristol herself has declared that abstinence is not realistic, she became an “Abstinence Ambassador” for Candies Foundation.
For that she made $262,500.00 from Candies alone.

Pictures of the child conceived out of wedlock were a hot item. Bidding started at $100,000.00 and the ultimate winner was reported to pay $300,000. Then there was the reality show featuring Tripp calling is mother and aunt “faggot.”

Sarah has still not even acknowledged Bristol’s current pregnancy and/or the birth of the most recent child.

But the insanity doesn’t end with Sarah’s book.  Bristol’s blog is featured on Patheos.  Patheos is

“the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world’s beliefs. Patheos is the website of choice for the millions of people looking for credible and balanced information about religion. Patheos brings together faith communities, academics, and the broader public into a single environment, and is the place where many people turn on a regular basis for insight, inspiration, and stimulating discussion. Patheos is unlike any other religious and spiritual site on the Web today.

As evidenced by the company founders’ story, religion and spirituality continue to be an important part of American life, with more Americans today than ever before identifying themselves as spiritual. In fact, according to the Pew Internet Project, more than 82 million Americans (and 64 percent of all Internet users) utilize the Web for faith-related matters. The importance of religion and spirituality, coupled with the growing use of the Internet for religious matters, point to the ongoing need for an online resource for religious and spiritual engagement and dialogue. Patheos fills this need.”

In reviewing articles Bristol has published, it was hard to miss this one from November 3, 2015: 

Wives: Sex is more important than you think, and here’s why…


So many times, I hear wives complaining about their husbands always wanting to have sex.  Friends, I have been there too.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy sex or feel the need for it; it’s just that our desire doesn’t seem to be nearly as strong as our partner’s.  Please understand wives can certainly have a stronger sex drive than their husbands, but in most cases, the husband has the stronger drive.  …

Sex is more important than you think, and you need to be having it more than you think.

This is one of many important lessons I have learned in my own marriage.

When we got married, Dave and I had saved ourselves for each other.  This wasn’t easy, nor were we perfect in every way, but we made it to the wedding day without having sex.

I was so excited about the wedding night, but also extremely nervous…as you can imagine.  Needless to say, it was great but it took some getting used to.  I really liked it, but Dave LOVED it.

Ahem.  I know this might feel as awkward to read as it is for me to write it right now, but I’m just being honest.

in most marriages there is usually one partner who has a stronger need for sex and will want to have it more frequently.  He also said that the couple should try to aim to have sex as frequently as possible to fulfill this need and protect the marriage.


The Bible has A LOT to say about sex too!

I love how The Message paraphrases 1 Corinthians 7:5,

It’s good for a man to have a wife, and for a woman to have a husband. Sexual drives are strong, but marriage is strong enough to contain them and provide for a balanced and fulfilling sexual life in a world of sexual disorder. The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality—the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband. Marriage is not a place to “stand up for your rights.” Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out. Abstaining from sex is permissible for a period of time if you both agree to it, and if it’s for the purposes of prayer and fasting—but only for such times. Then come back together again. Satan has an ingenious way of tempting us when we least expect it. I’m not, understand, commanding these periods of abstinence—only providing my best counsel if you should choose them.

3. We should ONLY be engaging in sexual acts with each other and no outside source of any kind (i.e. porn or other people).

5.  We must ALWAYS do our best to avoid sexual temptation outside the marriage and protect our marriage from sexual sin.


There is so much at stake–our marital intimacy, our sexual health, and most importantly, our commitment to the one we love most—so, we must strive to get this right.

God designed sex specifically for marriage.  He wants us to have a healthy, enjoyable, and thriving sex life with our spouse.  Let’s not withhold this act of love and service from each other!


Just to be clear, I’m not intending to be critical of Bristol because she had premarital sex.  Ninety five percent of Americans have premarital sex.  My criticism is that both Bristol and her mother have made money off of pretending to be holier than the rest of us by proclaiming the importance of abstinence.  Yet Sarah was pregnant before she and Todd married.  Bristol has at least two children that were fathered by different men.  No father is, or has ever been , part of Bristol’s household….married or not.  It’s time to tell Bristol and Sarah that we are tired of the fraud and hypocrisy!  NO MORE!

bristol palin dancing with stars

bristol friend camping

bristol with sarah no ring posted 16th

Most people would call this child molestation, sexual abuse, and/or rape. In some countries they call this marriage.

1. In 2012 the UN reported that 1/3 of girls in developing nations are married before their 18th birthday. One out of nine will be married before their 15th birthday.

2. The World Health Organization reports that one million girls under 15 are giving birth every year. Their pelvis’ are too small for child bearing. They are 5 times as likely as women 20 and over, to die during child birth or pregnancy. If the child does survive they may suffer from fecal and urinary incontinence.

3. Over 60% of these girls have no education.

child marriage india

In the United State we are more sophisticated. Our teen mothers are not girls married off for money. They are girls like Bristol Palin who just decide to be mothers before marriage. Note …there is a difference between deciding to have premarital sex, and getting pregnant. Getting pregnant requires the decision NOT to use contraceptives. Remember, Bristol wanted to get pregnant.

The rate of teen pregnancy is no better in many deep red states such as Mississippi (55 percent), Texas (42 percent) and Georgia (45 percent) than blue states like California (40 percent), New York (41 percent) and Massachusetts (34 percent). Clearly this is not a problem caused by liberals preaching free love, or teens turning orgiastic when they have access to free condoms.

The irony is that conservatives have long warned about the breakdown of the American family. There is a social cost when faith triumphs over science, when celebrities peddle nonsense and when that ignorance is foisted on the rest of us as policy. Yes, Bristol, actions have consequences. The fact that she wanted to get pregnant out of wedlock is frightening. It seems she doesn’t care if society has to support she and her children. Here are the facts:

1. About 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers. Nearly two-thirds are born to mothers under the age of 30.2

2. Of all single-parent families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority.

3. According to U.S. Census Bureau,3 out of about 12 million single parent families in 2014, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.

4. Today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.4 million — are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line.

5. For those living with father only, about 21% live in poverty. In contrast, among children living with both parents, only 13% are counted as poor.

bristol pregnant on DWTS

bristol pregnant on DWTS

Let me begin by clearly stating my biases. I have written two books on Sarah Palin, and lost money on them. I have written on this blog for 4½ years and have never earned a penny for my time. I have a suit pending in Federal Court, to attempt to uncover the truth about the Palins, and have incurred over $30,000 dollars in attorney fees. I have received death threats. My family has been threatened. Just this week, I received a copy of a complaint filed by a “concerned citizen” with the Texas Bar asserting that I was practicing law without a license. I was unable to respond as there was no return address given by this “concerned citizen.” The citizen wasn’t concerned enough to get their basic facts right, as a single phone call to the Texas Bar would have confirmed that I am an active member in good standing. I have never had a complaint filed against me, and never had an ethics violation filed. Yet this “concerned citizen” copied Sarah Palin on this letter. Certainly, this coward, who was unwilling to disclose his name or address, was predictably, a Palin supporter.

Today an article written by David French appears in the National Review. The first paragraph of this article is strangely similar to the first paragraph of an article he wrote last fall defending Bristol after her “f” tirade at the Palin family brawl. Both articles devote the entire first paragraph to the accomplishments of he and his wife. Anyone reading either article would have been drawn to the article to read about poor pathetic Bristol Palin, who has been victimized by the liberal elites. However Mr. French advertises himself at the outset, having used Bristol’s name to garner attention.

If you read far enough to get past the personal advertisement, Mr. French’s defense of Bristol is focused on her advocacy of both abstinence and birth control to prevent teen pregnancy. Mr. French writes:

The grace of God gives us not just the humility to acknowledge failure and disappointment but also the resolve to face an uncertain or intimidating future.”

Thus Mr. French refers to Bristol’s pregnancy as a “failure” and a “disappointment.” I guess he forgot to check Bristol’s blog . She didn’t seem to have been given the “grace of God” when she referred to the “giddy assholes” in her blog post. When she called people who criticized her “giddy assholes” she didn’t seem to be seeking enlightenment, but instead vengeance. Most importantly, Mr. French seems to have missed the part where Bristol declared this was a “planned” pregnancy. She WANTED to get pregnant. Bristol wasn’t abstinent. Bristol wasn’t using birth control. She was a single woman who WANTED to get pregnant.

Bristol has made it clear that this was not a “failure” but a victory. It was not a “disappointment” but a time to be proud that she achieved her goal. Mr. French must not have realized that Bristol’s goals had changed.

Bristol got what she wanted…another child out of wedlock. People, like myself, who have written about Bristol’s pregnancy are not “haters”. I don’t hate Bristol. What I hate is the hypocrisy of being an advocate for abstinence, making money off people who believe in what she is saying, but living a completely different life. What I hate is a person trying to generate publicity for himself by using Bristol’s pregnancy to get attention. What I hate even more is defending Bristol’s “failure” and “disappointment” by arguing that she advocated both abstinence and contraception. Obviously she didn’t practice abstinence, or use contraception, because she wanted to get pregnant, and she did.

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