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trump flip flop

It is astonishing that for over one year Donald Trump has been repeatedly outspoken about (1) building a wall and making the Mexican government pay for it, and (2) deporting all illegal immigrants.  Here are just a few of the opportunities Trump has had over the last year to modify that stance.  Over and over again, he defended his position:

Now that Trump has secured the GOP nomination, and we are less than 2 months away from early voting, Trump’s policy on illegal immigration is “To Be Determined.”

It’s a clear signal that Trump can’t be trusted to remain true to any platform.

First he was in favor of choice,

then he declared that he was “pro-life.”

Then he went even further and declared that a woman who has an abortion should be punished.


THis video that was made by a conservative group before the Republican Primary illustrates that Trump has changed his position on virtually every issue, converting himself from Democratic positions to those of Republicans.



The clear, indisputable conclusion is that whatever Trump says seems to be what he believes will garner the most votes at the time, and not what he actually believes.  Thus if Trump should ever be elected President, the only thing anyone should count on is that we won’t know what his position will be on any issue.  As his aid said, “To be Determined.”

trump flip flop chart


oh bloody hell

Mike Pence is responsible for the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country.  The law passed by Mr. Pence is vague enough that women could  be jailed for having difficult pregnancies.  The law also forbids parents from opting to have an abortion if the fetus has Down’s Syndrome,or any fetal abnormality.  The bill also banned abortion due to the fetus’ race, or gender.  The bill even went so far as to dictate funeral requirements for any remains after an abortion or MISCARRIAGE.  All remains were required to be buried or cremated!  Thank God I don’t live in Indiana, as I personally had two miscarriages after about 6 weeks.  Imagine the challenge of finding a casket the appropriate size for the those remains.

#periodsforpence and #tamponsfortrump are two twitter groups organized to ask the Mr. Pence and Mr. Trump how we should use our reproductive organs, when, how often, with whom, and those all- important end-of-life decisions regarding our eggs.

Some of the Twitter remarks and questions include:

Now, where can I send my used pads and tampons so Pence can look through my eggs?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is quite familiar with the details of his constituent’s cycles. 

(Call to the Governor’s office)I need to get a message to the Governor that I am on day three of my period.  My flow seems abnormally heavy, but my cramps are much better …

Raw Story lists phone numbers to call if you have questions about difficulties with menstruation, about death of a loved one’s eggs,  or frustration arising from sexual dysfunction.  Here are some I tried:

Trump Headquarters:  646-736-1779

Republican Convention:  216-263-2016

Mike Pence’s Gubernatorial Office:  317-2324567

I personally called each.  Nobody answered at the Trump office.  I think they were in hiding.  I had my calls answered by the Republican Convention office and Governor Pence’s office.  To my surprise, each of the people I spoke with were rude, in-spite of my cordial nature.  I would encourage everyone to call to get answers to your questions.  If I had been able to pose my questions before “Tommy” hung up on me, I would have liked to know:

  1.  Does Mike have a recommendation for the proper way to deal with a yeast infection.
  2. What does he think about douching?
  3. If a person miscarries at 6 weeks gestation, are they required to embalm the fetus?
  4. How do you get a death certificate for a 6 week old fetus?
  5. Can I get life insurance on any fetus?
  6. Does a fetus have second amendment rights?
  7. Is there a prayer that would be appropriate before sexual intercourse?

god laughing two clouds



The term “Train Wreck”  has been used to describe a catastrophic event.  It is characterized by being predictable, avoidable, and deadly.  The nomination of Donald Trump is a Train Wreck!  It is now predictable.  He has the requisite number of delegates.  It should have been avoidable.  People within the GOP who have recently, reluctantly endorsed Trump, should have stood up to Trump and refused to support such a dangerous candidate.  It will be deadly!   Trump has historically high unfavorability ratings.  A whopping  67% of all Americans dislike him.

Almost half of Republican voters dislike Trump.  All demographics confirm this result.  Men, women, young, old, conservatives, moderates, liberals, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics all agree that they dislike Donald Trump.  Trump may be able to make America great again by uniting the country in a common dislike of Trump!  Not since David Duke has America disliked a candidate to such a great extent.

kkk trump


Perhaps the reason Trump is popular with some voters like Duke, is that he, like some Muslim extremists, consider it appropriate to beat women.  After all it’s not enough for the Donald to pretend to be anti-choice.  He is in favor of punishing any woman who has an abortion.

This is an example of Trump’s willingness to ignore any woman’s civil rights.  Since Roe vs. Wade, a woman has a right under the Constitution to have an abortion.  Yet Trump says he is in favor of PUNISHMENT for any woman who exercises that right.  Worse yet is the fact the Trump previously indicated he was “Pro-choice.”

Donald Trump is a man of no principles!  He has transformed himself from a position that he was “very pro-choice” to a position that he states a woman should be PUNISHED  for having an abortion.  What would Trump suggest as an appropriate punishment?  Stoning? Beating?  Burning? Jail? Cutting her head off?



Katie Couric will forever be associated with revelation of the ignorance and stupidity of Sarah Palin.  Couric has now given an interview about her interview of Sarah Palin.  The amazing thing is that Couric reveals that her goal was not to set Palin up.  Instead she explained that she “just wanted to let her talk” so that Americans could get to know Sarah Palin.  It worked!  We learned that Sarah Palin lacked even a basic understanding of so many issues that it was frightening to think that she could have ever been the President of the United States.

It is only fitting that we remember those revealing moments as Donald Trump contemplates the possibility of Sarah Palin as his Vice President.  As we remember these moments, it is hard to imagine that Trump or any candidate would even consider nominating Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Regardless of who he ultimately chooses, the fact that he would even consider Sarah Palin for  Vice President, is an indication that America can’t afford to take a chance on Donald Trump as President.



This was Sarah Palin suggesting that her complete ignorance in the interview was really Katie’s fault.



trump gif





stop light gif

Donald Trump has changed his position on abortion as often as stop light changes, and almost as fast.


Originally he declared that he was “very pro-choice.”

Then he became an outspoken opponent of choice.  He even went so far as to suggest that women who had abortions should be punished.

Imagine a woman having an abortion to save her life, and then being punished for trying to save her life.  People were so outraged at Trump’s statement, that he then changed his position again and indicated that he was NOT in favor of punishing the woman.

What a dangerous possibility that a person running for President of the United States would be so quick to offer an opinion about something so important as abortion.  Whatever your position regarding abortion, we expect any political candidate to have carefully considered their position, and whatever their position, to have significant justification for it.  Trump is quick to offer an opinion, with nothing to substantiate or justify that position.  If he guesses wrong, and offers an opinion that is contrary to the majority, he is quick to change his stated opinion to try to appeal to the majority. He is dangerous!

trump and pope

He’s an idiot!

trump funny face

He’s a buffoon!

donald trump frown

John Oliver succinctly summarized everything you need to know about The Donald.



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