Rick Perry Says: “Show Me the Money”

This article is Part III of the discussion of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF). The previous articles are here.  In these articles the unequivocal facts indicate that Rick Perry, through the Texas Technology Fund has diverted tax payer money to his supporters. The State has produced virtually no accounting, and state auditors have cited... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin, Pit Bull, Attacks Mitt Romney

Do you know the difference between Sarah Palin and a Pit Bull? By her own admission, lipstick! Palin seemed to think she was very clever at the Republican Convention when she told that joke. The truth is that Pit Bulls are a dangerous breed of animal! Pit Bulls are the breed of dog responsible for... Continue Reading →

Mark Halperin of Game Change Talks about Palin in 2012

Mark Halperin is the co-author of Game Change.  He, like many of us, perceives that Palin may actually run in the 2012 race.

Pictures of the Non-candidate Not Being a Media Whore

M just sent this link with some great images from the bus tour.  Gotta See These!  Thanks "M".    

And So It Begins…Why Bachmann is NOT Palin

Newsmax is known for offering discounts on Palin books, and helping promote the "Palin" name.  However today Newsmax makes its position clear that they favor Bachmann over Palin for 2012.  It's funny that for the last two years Newsmax has made money off of Sarah Palin, but now that the next election is on the... Continue Reading →

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