Sarah Palin’s New Reality Show: “Black is the New White”

For some time many readers have declared that Sarah Palin is delusional.  Sarah has suggested that she is often a victim of the "lamestream" media taking her words out of context.  Thus to be fair, here is the entire Facebook  post of Sarah Palin: So Hillary's campaign stylist apparently leaked to the NYT she wore... Continue Reading →

A Picture of Bristol Pregnant is Worth a Thousand Words

(Aug 2008) (2007) (October 2010) (December 2010) For years we have dissected the story told by Sarah Palin regarding the birth of Trig.  Probably the most compelling evidence that she wasn’t pregnant was the photos depicting her days before she allegedly gave birth. Now that the focus is Bristol’s latest pregnancy, it is important to... Continue Reading →

Palin, the Donald, and the Confederate Flag are Each Offensive

David Brooks makes the observation that there is a dramatic split within the Republican party. The Republican's comments regarding Trump's comments on Mexicans have been very slow and cautious in coming. The interesting observation he makes is that the "Sarah Palin game" is a way to get media attention even though it might be the... Continue Reading →

The Absurdity of the Palin Pregnancy Tales

"Shamus" reminded us ofthe absurdity of the Palin pregnancy stories. JLO show October 2007 Bristol Pregnant These are still shots from the video: Pay particular attention to the length of Bristol's white top. Only pregnancy tops are that long! These other photos are important. See what you think: These images are particularly troublesome given what... Continue Reading →

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