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On November 5, 2008 I was so relieved that Sarah Palin would not be a “heartbeat away from the Presidency” that I was celebrating.  During the campaign I watched the news every night, but it was usually CNN or MSNBC.  Every time Lou Dobbs appeared on the screen I changed the channel, and if I ever watched Fox News, it was due to a mistake.  Certainly on November 5, 2008 we didn’t expect Palin would later resign as the Governor of Alaska.  Who could have predicted that a year after the election of 2008 Palin would become an analyst for Fox News?

Many of us have read Game Change, which documents the multitude of problems with Palin during the campaign.  As persuasive as this book appeared to be, some Palin supporters, if they read books, might think that the information reported in Game Change was unreliable because the names of each person reporting the information were not disclosed.  While the information appeared to be credible, and the authors were trustworthy reporters, Palin supporters could justify their disbelief by complaining that the names of the people providing specific comments had been omitted.

In my ongoing quest for the truth regarding Palin, I discovered an old Fox News clip that had previously escaped my attention.  It must have been “God’s plan” to cause this story to come to my attention, knowing that I would report it today.  The clip is by Carl Cameron, a reporter for Fox, who did a very revealing report the day following the election of 2008.  He explains that he had access to much of the information detailed during the campaign, but he was not allowed to report the story until the election was over because the information was “off the record” until then.  Fox News, the station that hired Sarah Palin, confirmed the very things reported in Game Change. John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s Game Change, which was not published until 2010 confirmed what Fox News reported on November 5, 2008.

Sarah Palin was the person who was “thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News” and found it “wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.”

This is the “fair and balanced news” story reported on November 5, 2008:

Ron White is a very funny comedian, and he does one of my favorite comedy routines entitled “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.  I am not sure if that routine is applicable to Fox News, John McCain, Sarah Palin or all of the above?

Yesterday the internet was flooded with articles indicating that Sarah Palin is going to become an advocate for Governor Rick Perry of Texas (the one who wants to secede from the union), Michelle Bachmann a US Representative (the one who needs all the help she can get), and John McCain in his campaign for a fifth term in the U.S. Senate.  Maybe it’s no surprise that Palin is going to campaign for Bachmann or Perry, but I thought McCain had learned his lesson.

On December 15, 2008, a little more than a month after McCain lost the election to be the 44th President of our country, the NY Daily News ran an article entitled “ McCain refuses to endorse Palin for president in 2012:  I Can’t”.

Meghan McCain, John’s daughter and a Republican blogger, has also refused to endorse Palin.  McCain’s aids characterized the Palin family as the “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.”  Steve Schmidt, the manager of McCain’s campaign disparaged Palin in his recent T.V. interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. Steve’s comments included: (1) He didn’t think Katie Couric asked a single unfair question.  (2) There was a recurring problem with Palin.  She said things that were untruthful or incorrect.  Examples he gave included Palin’s reference to the Alaska investigative committee that Palin said completely exonerated her, which in fact found that she had committed unethical acts while Governor.  Steve also gave an example of the request made by Palin that the McCain camp should assert that her husband Todd had never been a member of the Alaska Independence Party.  In fact Todd was a member for seven years and while he was a member they advocated secession from the United States of America. (3) Mr. Schmidt referred to “two Sarahs”…one that was happy and perky, and the other that was non-responsive and catatonic. Perhaps the most damaging discussion for McCain was the lack of vetting by McCain or his staff of Palin before he chose her as his running mate.

As if that was not damaging enough, “Game Change” came out in the last few days, and it provides new insight into the real Palin.  McCain was described as “flying by the seat of his pants” (pg 263).  McCain didn’t send anyone to Alaska to work on the vetting process (pg 364) and the McCain camp was ill equipped to present and defend McCain’s choice for Vice President (pg 365).  Questions that came up AFTER the selection included (1) What foreign countries had she visited?  (2) Had she ever been to Iraq?  (3)  Had she ever been an advocate for the Bridge to Nowhere, even though in her speech at the Republican Convention she announced that she previously said “thanks, but no thanks”?  (4) Did she worship at a Pentecostal church where people spoke in tongues?  (5) Had Todd, Palin’s husband, been arrested for drunk driving?  (6) Had Track, Palin’s son, been arrested for drugs? (7) Was Trig really Bristol’s baby?  (pg 366).

“Rebuttal to the Rogue” was available on the same week that Palin’s book was available.  My goal in writing “Rebuttal to the Rogue” was to ensure that the American people never forget how close we came to a national disaster in the election of 2008.

I forgot that McCain doesn’t use a computer and doesn’t use the internet…so how would he have an opportunity to order a copy of my book?  I will send him one today, so he can re-think his decision to have Palin endorse him for re-election.  Maybe John has just forgotten what happened in the fall of 2008, and who Sarah Palin really is…but we have not forgotten.

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