Women constituted the majority of voters in the 2008 election. To John McCain’s surprise, gender was not the motivation for our      votes. McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate was outrageous. Some women voted for McCain in spite of Palin. Others worked harder to elect Barack Obama because of Sarah Palin. Grandma Palin is tenacious. She has demonstrated her ability to accomplish a goal, but tenacity and prolificacy should never be confused with competency. Palin is not a competent professional woman or a dedicated mother. She characterizes herself as a “rogue” and the “Rebuttal to the Rogue” illustrates why that is an accurate description. Palin is a scoundrel

All proceeds from the sale of “Rebuttal to the Rogue” are being donated to Planned Parenthood.

Review of “Rebuttal to the Rogue” from noted Wasilla blogger Syrin:

It was a privilege to read this Rebuttal and I found it very easy reading and especially appreciated the long list of references which proved that the author had done much research into the subject.

It was nice to see that Mrs. Litman took such care to note the many reasons she feels that Sarah Palin is not a good example of what women in politics should be.  It is exciting to see that someone else noticed the lack of experience & education that Sarah has and I too wonder why so many people in the United States think otherwise.

Some facts in particular that I thought I knew, but the book gave me more knowledge & understanding.

1.  I knew Sarah had attended several colleges, but I didn’t know that she attended 5 colleges in 5 years.  Her high school accomplishments were mostly about sports & cheerleading, not academics.

2.  I knew Sarah had a degree in Broadcast Journalism but I never thought much about the fact that it was only a Bachelor’s Degree.  This certainly shows that she isn’t very focused on her education and makes one wonder why she stopped at a Bachelor’s Degree.  America should expect higher education for those they intend to have serving in any political position of power.  The book also points out the lack of focus regarding education by the entire family.

3.  I knew about her objecting to library books when she was Mayor of Wasilla, but I didn’t know that she never read the book she wanted to ban and I didn’t realize the book was a picture book with only 13 sentences.

4.  Pointed out very simply in the book were 5 wrongs that show how Sarah is a perfect example of the “Peter Principle” (People rise to their level of incompetence).

5.  Several examples of Sarah’s misunderstanding of the English language were given and I know she can’t pronounce Legislators, but I didn’t know she can’t pronounce nuclear.

6.  I know she has difficulty speaking in public, but by reading her answers to questions or her confusing statements, I realized that she is even worse than I thought.

7.  Chapter 5:  Shame on you John McCain, pointed out McCain’s bad attitude toward women and just how poor his choice of Sarah as a running mate really was.

7.  I thought I had heard most of the jokes made about Sarah, but the book has many interesting and very good ones that I had never heard.  Goes to show how much more of a joke she is and how bad it makes our State look.

8.  I knew that Sarah wasn’t my idea of a good parent, but I never really thought how others might perceive her lack of caring regarding her 5 children and her giving up her time with them to be so busy being in the public eye.  It pointed out her selfishness regarding her family & motherly duties.

I must say I hope many people read this great rebuttal so they can truly see that our Nation must have been star struck by the falseness and inadequacies of McCain’s choice.  I thought the book was very factual and very well written and the author has more credentials to be Governor or Vice President or serve in any political office than Sarah Palin.  Thank goodness someone took the time to point out the information about Sarah in a way that might actually give America better incite into the truth.

– Syrin