The Terrorist-in-Chief Doubles Down on Incitement of Violence

Trump, the liar in chief has repeatedly attacked the media for reporting the truth. He has himself incited violence and laughed about people being the victims of attacks by his supporters. He has used the threat of violence if the GOP loses elections. Now, two weeks before the midterm election, his wish... Continue Reading →

The Mooch Admits Trump Lies, While Promoting and Profitting Off of Trump

Anthony Scaramucci has mastered the art of denigrading Donald Trump, while pretending to admire him, for personal profit.  It's as if Scaramucci knew when he accepted the position of Director of Communications that he would only stay a few days.  During that time his goal was to make memorable quotes and gain attention for himself,... Continue Reading →

Trump Promotes Neo-Nazi Rhetoric

There is a difference between patriotism and "nationalism".  Trump promotes nationalism,not patriotism.  Trump is continuing to do damage to America in the eyes of the world.

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