It’s a common strategy of a dictator or communist government to control the press and media.  A dictator like Putin,  has a long and colorful history of limiting the press to reporters and journalists who report on things that make him appear favorable to the public.  He forces those who report anything negative out of business, or worse, they are killed.  In North Korea, the dictator expels reporters from other countries who publish anything he deems disrespectful.  Under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq, the media had a long history of repression.  The Iraqi media suffered relentless repression for 25 years.  In a book about Resisting a Dictatorship, Vincent Boudreau compares state repression in three post-war dictatorships under Burma’s Ne Win, Indonesia’s Suharto and the Philippines’ Ferdinand Marcos. In each case the dictator faced distinct social challenges and responded with specifically tailored repressive strategies. These strategies shaped the resources, social bases and opposition cultures available to dissidents and in turn influenced the effectiveness of that opposition.   Thus the importance of freedom of press is critical to freedom in America.  Even Fox News recognizes the critical importance of all news networks gaining equal access to the President.






The New York Times, The Hill, Politico, BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail, BBC, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News were among those blocked from taking part in a off-camera “gaggle” inside Spicer’s West Wing office.  It is time to stand up and protest.  We can’t wait.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell those who hold political views different than your own.  Surely everyone recognizes that the First Amendment is critical to our way of life and ensuring our freedom!



In case you were wondering about Trump’s ties to Russia…wonder no longer! At the CPAC conference, people attending were waiving Russian flags.  Evidently Republicans don’t respect the First Amendment rights of other Republicans because the security team at the conference seized the flags.

Image result for russian flag

It’s ironic that Trump declared at the CPAC conference that nobody loves the First Amendment more than he does.


In 2012 Sarah Palin was featured as a speaker at CPAC.

2013 Ted Cruz introduced Sarah at the CPAC conference.

In 2014 she appeared again.  This time the person introducing her asked the crowd, “Do you love Sarah Palin.”

In 2015 she was introduced by Dakota Meyer, her soon to be ex-prospective son-in-law, who father her illigitimate grandchild and who is now her son-in-law.

The CPAC Conference is happening today in Maryland.  It appears Sarah is just too darn far away to speak.  Losers like Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina , and Ted Cruz will be speaking, but not Sarah Palin.  Where in the world is sarah palin?

Is she rock running again?


Maybe she couldn’t find a sitter for Trig?


Maybe she’s cooking?


Maybe she’s bailing Track out of prison?


Maybe she’s bailing Todd out of prison?


Maybe she’s just lost?


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