Tick Tock!!! Jury in Manafort Case Deliberating

The fate of Paul Manafort will be considered by the jury starting this morning.  Tick Tock!   Hoping that Manafort wore one of his ostrich jackets to his favorite Russian restaurant last night.    It might be his last time to wear the jacket or eat his borscht.  Maybe he should send out any twitter messages this... Continue Reading →

If Trump Has Nothing to Hide, Why So Many Confidentiality Agreements?

First, there was an indication that Trump hoped to rely on a non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels.  The federal judge refused to stop Daniels from making public comments about Trump. Jessica Denson sued Trump's campaign in New York for discrimination in November. She said she suffered from emotional distress due to the "pervasive slander, aggravated... Continue Reading →

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