Trump’s Profits Trump the United States’ Interest

When Donald Trump campaigned for office, he proudly declared that he was "really rich. A study showed that the fact that Trump was financially successful translated into voters supporting Trump because they thought Trump's financial success would translate into financial success for them.  Trump voters had little interest in altruism.  They sought power over others, ... Continue Reading →

GOP Slogan in 2020: “Anyone But Trump”

Jeff Flake was the reason the FBI conducted an investigation into the allegations of sexual assault by Dr. Ford against Judge Kavanaugh. Senator Flake isn't running for re-election.  Flake explalined that “The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I'm not willing to take, and that I can't... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin is the Kind of Mother that Would Laugh at the Plight of Her Child

This is the meme posted by Sarah Palin.  Whatever you think the message was intended to be, some people were offended.  They perceived that Palin was comparing liberal protesters who think of themselves as strong beautiful women to a child with disabilities crying. I'm offended but for different reasons.  First, this is an example of... Continue Reading →

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