Roy Moore’s Attorney Responds to Allegations By Attacking Heritage of Reporter

Someone said "The best defense is a good offense."  Roy Moore's attorney didn't have a "good" offense, but it was an offense.  His response to questions regarding new additional allegations against Roy Moore was to bring up the ancestry of Ali Velshi in response to new allegations against Moore. Moore is making himself unavailable to... Continue Reading →

Which of the Liars is Telling the Truth? Trump or Papadopoulos?

It's easy enough when you're the President of the United States to assert that the media is reporting "fake news".  When the President of the United States denies that something is true, who could be more credible than the President?  However when the President is Donald Trump, credibility may be in question.  When one of... Continue Reading →

Trump Can’t Trust China Any More than the Media

This was the statement Donald Trump gave after his trip to China declaring that China would not accept a "freeze for freeze" arrangement between the U.S. and North Korea.  Trump declared that China, and he had agreed that China would reject such a notion.  China would demand de-nuclerazation rather than a freeze from North Korea.... Continue Reading →

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