Trump Promotes Roy Moore, Predator, To Make America Great Again

Donald Trump is so in favor of electing a sexual predator to Congress that he has made a robo call suggesting that the election of Roy Moore would make America "great again." Roy Moore is not only a sexual predator, but he has a history of being removed from office because he refused to... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Retreat From World Leadership Emboldens Russia As Trump moves closer to replacing Rex  Tillerson as Secretary of State,  the implications of Trump's damage to U.S. foreign relations seems unequivocal. Trump has been responsible for a budget that would add 1 TRILLION DOLLARS TO THE DEFICIT.  Yet the federal budget includes "broad and deep" spending cuts in foreign aid.  Senators, both... Continue Reading →

Rachel Maddow Excoriates Trump and Explains Russia Connection

  Rachel Maddow succinctly and clearly summarizes Trump's connections to Russia!

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