Lt. Dave Parker in Violation of Judge’s Order?

Lt. Parker, I’d like to believe you that you called me; however, after a thorough review of my cell phone log, I can find no evidence that you attempted to reach me. Perhaps you called the wrong number by mistake. 907-***-**** is the correct number. Before discussing my property I need to correct a misstatement of... Continue Reading →

The Missing “Evidence Seized” in the Matter of Shailey Tripp

It was the middle of the night in Dallas, Texas. I am sound asleep, as I should be. The phone rings, and I am worried something bad has happened to one of my kids, or a family member. As I skeptically reached for the phone, and worked to wake myself, I was relieved to hear... Continue Reading →

Invitation to Todd Palin and the Anchorage Police Department Regarding the “TRIPP” License Plate

To: Todd Palin and the Anchorage Police Department From: Malia Litman Re: Vanity License Plate “TRIPP” I am inviting Todd Palin, any member of the APD, Officer Dave Parker of the APD, and any citizen of Alaska that has personal knowledge of the Department of Motor Vehicles Records, to respond to allegations that Todd Palin... Continue Reading →

The Anchorage Police Violate Shailey Tripp’s Rights…Again!

Shailey Tripp has been waiting since March 2010 to have a cell phone and lap top computer returned by the Anchorage Police Department. They were confiscated when she was arrested and charged with running a house of prostitution. She pled no contest to the charges on June 13, 2010, and she was given a probated... Continue Reading →

Palin’s Marriage by Innuendo

“Innuendo” is an indirect or subtle reference to something. Someone who is relying on innuendo is suggesting something by insinuation.Todd, Sarah Palin, and their attorneys have adopted “innuendo” as their mantra. Unfortunately the word “innuendo” has become the victim of misuse and abuse. Whenever the Palin family or their lawyers (which includes the APD) seek... Continue Reading →

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