Republicans Exploiting Sarah Palin

Joe Kaufman is running in Florida, attempting to gain the Republican nomination to position him to run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the general election. In his desperation to promote himself, he used this encounter with Sarah Palin at CPAC as justification to say that he had Palin’s “endorsement.” Jon Stewart gives us perspective on... Continue Reading →

If Sarah Palin Says Levi is a Liar, He Must Be Telling the Truth

Because the truth hurts, Sarah Palin lives her life in constant pain.  She has proved her willigness to lie about personal and political matters.  Levi Johnston asserted in an interview with TMZ that the Palins were keeping him away from his child.  Certainly I could never be accused of being biased in Levi’s favor. In... Continue Reading →

The Ex-Trial-Husband of the Daughter of the Half-Term Ex-Governor Has Proved His Virility Once Again!

"Boy will be boys" Sarah Palin said.  It is unclear if Sarah was referring to Levi Johnston, Todd Palin, Herman Cain, or all three.  The term “virility” comes to mind when you see pictures of Levi Johnston.  The variety of pictures is amazing.  However all reinforce the image of the stud.  We’ve seen pictures of... Continue Reading →

McCain Laughs at the Idea of a Romney/Palin Ticket

Make no mistake. Sarah Palin would like to be Mitt Romney’s V.P. pick. During her brief appearance on the Today Show, she was asked a direct question by Matt Lauer regarding her thoughts about Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President. Matt said: “When you were plucked from obscurity in 2008, you'd been Alaska's governor about... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin is the Only Person Who Doesn’t Love Joy Behar

  Joy Behar was featured on MSNBC.  Her perspective on Sarah Palin reflects what we all are thinking.  Enjoy!

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