Sarah Barracuda is a Cannibal

  I have documented the reasons Sarah Palin was appropriately given the nick-name “barracuda.” Giving Sarah a name describing a predator with sharp-edged, fang-like teeth which is voracious and opportunistic was a vivid and insightful way to describe the half-term ex-Governor.   Yesterday I learned another valuable lesson about barracudas and Sarah Palin. Both are... Continue Reading →

Newt Doesn’t Talk to God Because He Thinks He Is God

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry were each told by God to run for President.  If Newt talked to God, we haven’t heard about it.  Maybe the reason he doesn’t talk to God is that he doesn’t speak to himself.  He already knows what he is thinking.  Last night Newt Gingrich’s second wife Marianne... Continue Reading →

Todd Palin’s Endorsement May Signal Who the Loser Will Be

When a serial adulterer endorses another serial adulterer, the predictable result is to impress more serial adulterers, but not voters. When Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich, Newt was “thrilled.” Newt was especially thrilled because the endorsement came the day before the New Hampshire primary. He explained that it was the “extra boost we need to... Continue Reading →

Iowans Support of the Anti-Bestiality, Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthal, Rick Santorum

There are several lessons we can learn from the Iowa caucus results: Romney and Santorum finished within 0.1% of each other. Perhaps the race was so close because Romney is perceived as flip-flopping on homosexuality,  and Santorum was clear in his position that homosexuality is the same a bestiality. Perhaps not many Iowans have Googled "Santorum".... Continue Reading →

Bi-polar Disorder Has a Genetic Component

“Pat” alerted me to this article regarding Newt Gingrich’s mother, Kit, who declared herself to be “Bi-polar. Reading about Newt’s upbringing in the article by the Daily Beast was very informative. It provides several possible explanations about why Newt married his High School geometry teacher while a teenager, and about why he might have a... Continue Reading →

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