Sarah Barracuda is a Cannibal

  I have documented the reasons Sarah Palin was appropriately given the nick-name “barracuda.” Giving Sarah a name describing a predator with sharp-edged, fang-like teeth which is voracious and opportunistic was a vivid and insightful way to describe the half-term ex-Governor.   Yesterday I learned another valuable lesson about barracudas and Sarah Palin. Both are... Continue Reading →

Bi-polar Disorder Has a Genetic Component

“Pat” alerted me to this article regarding Newt Gingrich’s mother, Kit, who declared herself to be “Bi-polar. Reading about Newt’s upbringing in the article by the Daily Beast was very informative. It provides several possible explanations about why Newt married his High School geometry teacher while a teenager, and about why he might have a... Continue Reading →

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