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I have documented the reasons Sarah Palin was appropriately given the nick-name “barracuda.” Giving Sarah a name describing a predator with sharp-edged, fang-like teeth which is voracious and opportunistic was a vivid and insightful way to describe the half-term ex-Governor.


Yesterday I learned another valuable lesson about barracudas and Sarah Palin. Both are cannibals, because they eat their own. The barracuda has the excuse that it doesn’t know if a smaller barracuda is its offspring. The barracuda is just hungry and the smaller barracuda may provide a tasty treat.


In the past, Sarah Barracuda insulted and attacked the “lame-stream” media for reporting facts. She called reporters child-molesters and puppy kickers.


Palin has also attacked President Obama for everything he has done from his Christmas card to his decision not to release the picture of a dead man with a hole in his face. She declared that the President should stop “pussy-footing around” and release the picture of Osama bin Laden’s body.


When Ginger White came forward and admitted to a 13 year sexual relationship with “Herb” Cain, apologizing to the wife and kids of Cain, Palin didn’t applaud her honesty or willingness to tell the truth. Instead she called her a “broad.”


Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was elected in 2010, and has served as the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, meaning he has already served as Governor as long as Palin did before she resigned. Not only was Chris Christie a potential candidate for President, but he may be considered as a potential pick for Vice President. Christie recently gave an interview during which he referred to Newt Gingrich as an “embarrassment” to the party.


Even though Palin has not officially endorsed Gingrich, the barracuda went on the attack stating, “Well, you kind of get your panties in a wad and you may say things you regret later.” Palin’s comment towards Chris Christie was disrespectful and totally unnecessary. Christie was not commenting on Sarah Palin, and had not mentioned her in the conversation. Moreover, Palin’s attack this time was on a fellow Republican who has not quit the office his supporters elected him to fill. Christie was not attacking Palin and had not been disrespectful in his comments. He was making an observation, and telling the truth about Newt Gingrich who had embarrassed the Republican Party by being fined for violating the ethics code while Speaker of the House, and presiding over Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings while Newt was having an affair of his own…for the second time.


This was not the first time the barracuda has said something disrespectful.


Remember her “yo mama” outburst?



One of my favorites was her “WTF” moment.


Recently she used the word “dumbarse” ,as if her comment was more polite than simply saying “dumbass”.


Then who could forget Palin’s reference to the President’s testicles?



Karl Rove described Sarah Palin as thin skinned.  Perhaps a voracious, opportunistic, cannibalistic predator would be more appropriate.

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry were each told by God to run for President.  If Newt talked to God, we haven’t heard about it.  Maybe the reason he doesn’t talk to God is that he doesn’t speak to himself.  He already knows what he is thinking.  Last night Newt Gingrich’s second wife Marianne gave an interview disclosing that Newt had suggested that they should agree to have sex with other people.It is the comments regarding sex that everyone is talking and writing about today.

However we have known for a long time that Gingrich has had three wives, affairs, and a history of unfaithfulness.  The more important revelation from Newt’s ex-wife was that he said, “It doesn’t matter what I do.  People need to hear what I have to say.  There’s no one else who can say what I can say.  It doesn’t matter what I live.”

Given this quote, it is important to remember the story Rachel Maddow did about Newt.  In her report she quoted Newt saying:

  1. He made Romney’s career possible, and Mitt Romney is rich today because of him.
  2. It is his “destiny” to save America.
  3. “People like me are what stand between us and Auschwitz.”
  4. (In a hand written note of Newt’s) “It is my mission to advocate for civilization.”  Newt wrote that he was a teacher of the rules of civilization and leader of civilized forces.

When Newt was brought before the House of Representatives for 80 ethics violations, the House voted overwhelmingly, 395-28, to reprimand Gingrich and to fine him $300,000.  The Republican Representative, Nancy Johnson, who chaired that ethics committee stated:

“Today we conclude this case by imposing a heavy penalty on the leader of this House. It is a tough penalty, unprecedented and appropriate.”

It seems that Gingrich thinks that the rules that apply to OTHER people do not apply to him.  In an act of defiance, the day after being elected to his 11th term of office Gingrich announced his resignation.  Gingrich stated, “I’m willing to lead but I’m not willing to preside over people who are cannibals. My only fear would be that if I tried to stay, it would just overshadow whoever my successor is.”

Newt Gingrich is a dangerous man.  He is delusional.  He thinks he is above the law.  He seems to perceive himself as all-powerful.  He seems to perceive himself as the savior of mankind.  It’s now clear why Sarah and Todd Palin have endorsed Gingrich.

When a serial adulterer endorses another serial adulterer,

the predictable result is to impress more serial adulterers, but not voters. When Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich, Newt was “thrilled.”

Newt was especially thrilled because the endorsement came the day before the New Hampshire primary. He explained that it was the “extra boost we need to really get us on takeoff here going into the primary tomorrow.” The funny thing is that Newt didn’t come within the top three in the New Hampshire race, with only 10% of the vote. The top three finishers were:

Romney 39%

Ron Paul 23%

Huntsman 17%

Gingrich was not in the top three finishers in Iowa either. They were:

24.6 Romney

24.5% Santorum

21.4% Paul

Gingrich was wrong. The Palin endorsement was not a boost at all. Todd explained that he endorsed Gingrich because Newt was a “reformer.” By “reformer” Todd must have identified Newt as being much like his wife who was also a “reformer.” Both quit their jobs; Newt as the Speaker of the House, and Sarah as Governor. Both were found guilty of ethics violations; Sarah by the bipartisan committee in the Troopergate matter, and Newt in the ethics investigations by the House.

Newt attacked Romney as being full of “pious baloney” . When the media accused Todd Palin of having a relationship with a prostitute named Shailey Tripp, Sarah Palin said that was “lies” too.  It appears voters in New Hampshire don’t mind eating baloney.

Keep in mind that although New Hampshire is being declared Romney’s big win, only 12 delegates were chosen. If you add up New Hampshire’s 12 and Iowa’s 28 delegates, you get a grand total of 40 delegates chosen so far for the Republican convention. There are 2,286 delegates that will attend the convention. Thus Iowa and New Hampshire constitute only 2% of all the delegates that will be chosen.

Thus, it is still unclear who will ultimately prevail as the Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential Race, but it is clear that an endorsement by Todd Palin may only signal who the loser will be.

There are several lessons we can learn from the Iowa caucus results:

  1. Romney and Santorum finished within 0.1% of each other. Perhaps the race was so close because Romney is perceived as flip-flopping on homosexuality,  and Santorum was clear in his position that homosexuality is the same a bestiality.
  2. Perhaps not many Iowans have Googled “Santorum”.
  3. There is a total absence of evidence that anyone in Iowa went rogue and voted for Palin.  Jon Huntsman was reported to have earned 1% of the votes, Herman Cain received “58 wasted votes”, and 135 people showed up for the caucus and voted that they had “no preference”.     Given this level of detail in the reporting of the results, we can assume if anyone had “gone rogue,” we would have heard about it.
  4. There was a record turn out of 122,255 voters this year as compared to 119,000 last year.  This might be an indication that the eight Republican candidates who received votes resulted in confusion of the Republican voters in Iowa. The fact that the “winner” received less than 25% of the votes would be a clear indication that none of the Republican candidates were sufficiently inspiring to earn a significant majority of the votes.
  1. Romney hasn’t held elected office since 2006 when he announced that he would not run for re-election.  Due to growing dissatisfaction in the Republican Party it was anticipated that if Romney ran for re-election he would lose.  In the last year of his gubernatorial term he spent all or part of 212 days out of state, laying the ground work for a presidential campaign in 2008, which he lost. Rick Santorum lost his bid for re-election to the Senate in 2006 in Pennsylvania and hasn’t held elected office since then.  Although currently a Congressman, Ron Paul has announced he will not run for re-election, and he lost his race for a Senate seat.  Paul ran for President in 1988 and 2008, and lost both times.  He would be 77 years old by the election of 2012, and would be 81 by the end of his first term as President if he won in 2012.  Newt Gingrich was a Congressman but in 1999 he was charged with 84 ethics violations, and special counsel, James Cole, found that Gingrich violated federal tax law, lied to the ethics panel, and Gingrich resigned as Speaker of the House and from elected office in 1998.  Thus Newt has not held elected office for over 10 years.

Hence, the top four candidates for the Republican nomination for the office of the President are losers.  Two have lost in previous attempts to become President.  Santorum lost his attempt at re-election for the Senate, and Gingrich quit his position as Congressman and Speaker of the House.  Perhaps Stephen Bannon in 2012 will make a sequel to the “Undefeated,” featuring these four losers.




















“Pat” alerted me to this article regarding Newt Gingrich’s mother, Kit, who declared herself to be “Bi-polar. Reading about Newt’s upbringing in the article by the Daily Beast was very informative. It provides several possible explanations about why Newt married his High School geometry teacher while a teenager, and about why he might have a dysfunctional relationship with each of his three wives. On further investigation, it is pretty clear that bi-polar disorder has a genetic component,   so there is sufficient reason for conservatives to question whether Newt Gingrich is fit to serve as president.


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