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Blaming the media and its attack on his family, Herman Cain has announced the suspension of his campaign.  It’s interesting that even though Ginger White has publicly admitted to having an affair with Herman Cain for 13 years, and Cain has admitted to knowing her, but also to giving her money, he is still denying the affair.  If women fail to declare publicly to being harassed by Cain, he suggests they are not legitimate.  When women like Sharon Bialek come forward, Cain still denies even knowing her.  Then a man comes forward and proclaims that Cain did know her and spent an entire evening with Sharon and himself.   When Ginger White comes forward, admits to the affair, apologizes to the wife and family of Cain, produces telephone records of calls in the middle of the night, produces proof of payments from Cain, Cain still denies the affair!  Now when Cain resigns from the presidential campaign, he continues to deny the affair.  What reasonable person would find Cain credible?  What reasonable person would listen to Cain or the party to which he belongs and not be suspicious of the credibility of any of its members.  God clearly made a mistake when he told Cain to run for President.  How many other mistakes has God made?

In case there was any doubt about the character and moral values of Sarah Palin in the minds of any Americans, there is no longer! In a short interview with Sean Hannity Sarah Palin was asked to share her “analysis” of the Republican Primary race and offer her perspective on the race. In the same breath she commented on the “hypocrisy and double standard” of the liberals who oppose the Republican candidates she :

1. Said that “character counts”

2. Used the demeaning term “broad” when speaking about Ginger White, the woman who had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain

3. Said “boys will be boys” but they shouldn’t be running the country

4. Explained that we should get back to the “issues that really matter”

While each of these comments could be the subject of an entire post, there is one common theme. Sarah Palin continues to disparage women in the most vile and offensive way. Just when we think she can’t do any more damage to the image of the American woman, she calls a woman a “broad” and excuses the conduct of an unfaithful husband by saying “boys will be boys.”

The Urban dictionary reveals just how offensive the term “broad” is. It explains that:

Broad refers to the distance between the vagina lips of the human female. When the distance becomes wider than normal due to wear and tear, high mileage and rough use a woman becomes a broad. A broad is not necessarily a slut because all the wear and tear may have come from one man but a slut is always a broad.”

When Sarah Palin uses this term to describe Ginger White, the woman who had a 13-year affair with Herman Cain,  she is attributing blame to the woman and suggesting she is a “slut.” By saying “boys will be boys” she exonerates Cain, suggesting that he is simply a victim of his hormones. This is particularly offensive given Palin’s claim to be so committed to family values. It is offensive because of the use of women by Todd, and his history of paying women for sex.

It is even more offensive, given Palin’s own history of sexual indiscretions. Who could forget the account of a one-night stand with Glen Rice?

What about the indication of an affair with Brad Hanson, Todd’s partner?

What about the indication of an affair with Curtis Menard, who looks amazing like Track, Sarah’s first child?

What about the fact that Palin was pregnant when she married Todd?

If anyone deserves to be labeled a “broad” it is Sarah Palin herself.

However the comment “boys will be boys” indicates that Herman Cain and every other man who has been unfaithful to his wife should be excused for his behavior. The assumption is that Herman Cain’s hormones are simply too powerful to control. Palin indicates he is a victim, and it is the fault of the “broad” who caused him to be unfaithful to his wife for 13 years. Palin misses the point. It is not the act of sex for which Cain should be condemned. It is the deceit and breach of trust for which he should be accountable. If he had divorced his wife and “lived in sin” for 13 years with Ginger White we would not condemn him. If Herman Cain and his wife had agreed that they would not be faithful to each other, and have sex with other people, we might not have understood that decision, but we would respect their right to determine the boundaries of their relationship. By saying “boys will be boys” suggests that Cain is without blame or responsibility, and that the wrongdoer is Ginger White. The indication is that “boys will be boys” but “girls can’t be girls.” In these four short words Palin indicates she endorses a double standard.

It is interesting that Sarah Palin didn’t call herself a “broad” when she got pregnant out of wedlock. She didn’t call Bristol a “broad” when Bristol got pregnant out of wedlock. She didn’t excuse Levi by saying “boys will be boys” when he got Bristol pregnant.

Palin didn’t call her daughter-in-law a “broad” when she got pregnant out of wedlock with the child of Track.

Sarah Palin was right about one thing. “Character does count.” Sarah Palin has none, and that matters.

In what will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following Herman Cain’s sex-fueled implosion, it is now being reported that Cain’s marriage has been on the rocks for years.

Herman and Gloria Cain may have been married for 43 years, but according to a family insider, their marriage seems as real as Mitt Romney’s tan. “It never felt like a real marriage when I was around them,’’ says the friend. “Mostly he was always gone and his wife seemed to be OK with it. Not being together seemed the norm for their marriage, and Gloria didn’t seem to mind. His kids didn’t seem to mind either. He was king of his castle and no one questioned him,’’ says the friend. “It was an uncomfortable set-up for an outsider like me to be around. He was so indifferent to everyone. But I liked Gloria. She was warm and kind.”

If Cain cares half as much for his wife and family as he professes, he will drop of the race and fade out of America’s collective conscious.


Maya Angelou once said, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Herman Cain has shown his wife, family and the country who he is, and we would all be remiss to ignore the real Herman. From sexual harassment settlements to Cain’s admission he gave Ginger White, a woman he allegedly had a 13 year affair with, money it is apparent Cain is showing us the real Herman. Cain’s attempt to “reestablish” his character, is like Bristol Palin trying to reestablish her virginity.

Peace through Strength and Clarity” is the motto of Herman Cain on his website which pertains to foreign policy.  It is laughable that when asked about Libya there was no indication of strength or clarity.

His website contains this map with “Pithy” comments after countries, as if one of his campaign advisors had given him a crash course in foreign policy. The map actually used by Cain for his web site was a Facebook map showing the density of Facebook use, with brighter areas representing greater use, and darker areas representing lower Facebook use.

Cain told CNN that the place where you see the most light, “that’s where there’s the most amount of freedom. He explained that the darkest areas are the “Communist areas because they deny their citizens access to this global economy.  The unmistakable conclusion of Herman Cain is that where there is no Facebook there is Communism. Herman Cain is a world-class scholar, and a savvy politician on foreign policy issues.

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