Another Republican Bites the Dust-Cain is Done!

Blaming the media and its attack on his family, Herman Cain has announced the suspension of his campaign.  It's interesting that even though Ginger White has publicly admitted to having an affair with Herman Cain for 13 years, and Cain has admitted to knowing her, but also to giving her money, he is still denying the affair.... Continue Reading →

Who is the Real “Broad,” Sarah Palin or Ginger White?

In case there was any doubt about the character and moral values of Sarah Palin in the minds of any Americans, there is no longer! In a short interview with Sean Hannity Sarah Palin was asked to share her “analysis” of the Republican Primary race and offer her perspective on the race. In the same... Continue Reading →

Rocky Cain Marriage Nothing New

In what will come as no surprise to anyone who has been following Herman Cain's sex-fueled implosion, it is now being reported that Cain's marriage has been on the rocks for years. Herman and Gloria Cain may have been married for 43 years, but according to a family insider, their marriage seems as real as... Continue Reading →

Cain Reestablishing His Character is Like Bristol Reestablishing Her Virginity

Maya Angelou once said, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Herman Cain has shown his wife, family and the country who he is, and we would all be remiss to ignore the real Herman. From sexual harassment settlements to Cain's admission he gave Ginger White, a woman he allegedly had... Continue Reading →

Herman Cain Relies on Facebook For Foreign Policy Insight

“Peace through Strength and Clarity” is the motto of Herman Cain on his website which pertains to foreign policy.  It is laughable that when asked about Libya there was no indication of strength or clarity. His website contains this map with “Pithy” comments after countries, as if one of his campaign advisors had given him... Continue Reading →

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