Glenn Beck’s Japanese “Pulp Fiction” Moment

Pulp Fiction was a dark, offensive, and revealing film about one highly disturbing part of American life. While there are many memorable scenes that are seared into the memory of anyone who has seen the film, none is more memorable than Samuel Jackson’s speech he gave before assassinating each of his many victims. “Jules” repeated... Continue Reading →

Great Idea! Remove Palin, Beck, and Huckabee from Fox

Hey, here's a great proposal!  Remove Beck from Fox News and remove Palin and Huckabee unless they each declare that they absolutely WILL NOT run for President.  Maybe Fox News is too worried about the drop in their ratings to do the ethical thing.  Maybe they have already paid Palin, Beck, and Huckabee, but haven't... Continue Reading →

Anyone Who Relies Upon Glenn Beck is a Fool; Sarah Palin is a Fool!

Glen Beck made a memorable appearance on the View when he was called a “Lying Sack of Dog Mess” by Whoopie Goldberg.. In that interview Glenn Beck himself described himself as a “commentator.” He explained that he is NOT a “reporter” and is certainly not an “investigative reporter.” Barbara Walters expressed her amazement that he... Continue Reading →

Proof that Beck’s Tears Are a Lie, Like the Words Coming Out of His Mouth

After the scandal involving Todd, and Palin's response to the Arizona shootings, we now have confirmation that Glenn Beck, the "lying sack of dog mess," is a fraud.  We knew his tears were insincere.  Now we have proof. Maybe Beck and Palin need another rally to restore their honor.

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