Why Old Men Like Sarah Palin

John McCain was in his seventies when he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.  Roger Ailes was almost 70 when he hired Sarah Palin to speak on Fox News.  It seems this is a trend. Ailes current wife is 20 years younger than Ailes. McCain’s current wife is 18 years younger. Both... Continue Reading →

What Else has Bill O’Reilly Bungled?

Bill O'Reilly's latest book titled Killing Lincoln is so riddled with factual inaccuracies that Ford's Theatre, where President Lincoln was assassinated, will not even stock the book in their bookstore. In his book, O'Reilly writes of the Oval Office, which was not built until the Taft Administration in 1909, 44 years after Lincoln's death. With... Continue Reading →

John McCain and Roger Ailes Have a Lot in Common

Both John McCain and Roger Ailes  are in their 70’s. McCain was born in 1936.   Ailes was born in 1940.   Both have been married more than once. Both married their current wife when she was at least 20 years younger.   Both picked palin. Ailes admits he picked her because she was hot.... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin Misinforms While Complaining About Misinformation by Fox

This story by MSNBC highlights the fact that Palin can never admit that something she actually said was foolish.  The funny thing is that she said it on Fox News, and it was Fox news that proved her to be lying.  Whether she declares or not I predict her contract at Fox won't be renewed.... Continue Reading →

Proof that Fox News is Embarrassed by Sarah Palin

Over the last two years we have watched Sarah Palin say some of the most foolish things while doing an interview on Fox News. Just a few that come to mind are: 1. Building Dikes to control the Gulf Oil Spill. 2. Dumber than Bush 3. Fox News Commentators think they are off camera. Two... Continue Reading →

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