Republicans Declare War on Women

As a member of "move-on" I get updates and e-mails sent out across the country.  I'm sharing this one for your consideration.  Malia  Dear MoveOn member, It might seem hyperbolic to say that Republicans have declared a war on women. Sadly, it's not. Just take a look at the top 10 shocking, crazy things Republicans... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin: Feminist or Prostitute?

As early at the campaign of 2008 Sarah Palin declared herself to be a “feminist”.   She was specifically asked, “Do you consider yourself a Feminist?”  Litman, Rebuttal to the Rogue at 43. Her answer was: “ I do.  I’m a feminist who believes in equal rights. Someone who would not stand for oppression against women…I... Continue Reading →

Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin’s Friend

Earlier today I posted an article discussing Sarah Palin’s gratuitous support of Dr. Laura.  Remembering that Dr. Laura is not a politician, and has not been Palin’s advocate, it would be a logical question to ask why would Palin subject herself to public ridicule for her support of Dr. Laura?  The inherent assumption is that Palin... Continue Reading →

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