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As previously reported Judge Pamela Washington is considering the issue of the missing evidence seized by the Anchorage Police Department in the arrest of Shailey Tripp.  In particular, it is my understanding that a cell phone and lap top computer of Shailey Tripp’s have not been returned.  Shailey Tripp has asked me to submit a statement to the court regarding my interaction with Dave Parker, and other officers at the Anchorage Police Department.  I have today faxed the following affidavit and letter to the court with the articles referenced below.  If I am called to testify in Court, I’ll advise you.

December 20, 2011

Re: In the matter of Shailey Tripp

Dear Judge Washington:

At the outset, please accept my apology for not referencing the case number re the matter of Shailey Tripp and the Anchorage Police Department.  As I am not a party to the case I do not have that information.  I also do not have the name and contact information for the attorney representing any of the police officers involved in this matter, or the Anchorage Police Department itself.  If your clerk should provide me contact information, I will gladly copy any attorneys who should receive a copy of this amicus brief.  I have enclosed my affidavit and exhibits that indicate my involvement as a fact witness in this matter.  I will gladly make myself available in Dallas for a deposition for any party wishing my deposition, and if the Court will be having an evidentiary hearing on this matter, I will gladly come to Anchorage to give my testimony and make myself available for cross examination.


Malia Litman


In the Matter of Shailey Tripp

Affidavit of Malia A. Litman

My name is Malia A. Litman.  I am over the age of 18 years, of sound mind, and have no disabilities from giving this my affidavit.  The statements contained herein are based on my personal knowledge, and I will make myself available to any party who desires a deposition, and I will appear in Court to make myself available for cross examination if any party should desire that.

In December of 2009 I started a blog known as  The primary purpose of the blog was to document and reveal the truth about Sarah Palin.  Although there were occasionally funny articles included in the blog, the main focus was to reveal factual information regarding Sarah Palin and her family.  In each of the serious articles I have provided sources for the information referenced.  As part of my efforts to uncover the truth about the allegations made by Shailey Tripp and her relationship with Todd Palin, I contacted the Anchorage police department.  My initial contact was a telephone call to Police Chief Mew as his name and phone number were available to me on the internet.  Chief Mew never returned my call but instead I received a call from Dave Parker, who identified himself as a representative of the Anchorage Police Department, and the person with the APD who was responsible for the “press release” issued by the APD to the National Enquirer.

Attached hereto and incorporated by reference are Exhibits 1,2,3,4 which are true and correct copies of the articles I posted on my blog referencing conversations with members of the APD, or matters pertaining thereto.  These articles were written at or about the time of the events contained therein, and are part of my business records.  The statements contained therein are true and correct, and constitute my record of the conversations I had with members of the APD.  I would also draw the Court’s attention to the statement of Dave Parker, as referenced in the New York Daily News on Jan. 26, 2011 where he is quoted as saying:

“It was just guilt by innuendo, nothing else,” Lt. Dave Parker told the Daily News on Wednesday. “There’s not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this.”

I was not a party to this conversation, but I am aware that this quote was referenced in the New York Daily News.  If Mr. Parker actually said this it would constitute an inappropriate commentary by the APD on evidence, is not limited to evidence in the possession of the APD, whether reviewed or not, and constitutes a specific misrepresentation of the evidence, as the statements of Shailey Tripp would constitute at least “one scintilla” of evidence that Todd Palin and something to do with the house of prostitution.

I am not a criminal attorney and do not present myself to the court as an expert in criminal matters.  However even a lay person recognizes that it is inappropriate for police in any city to comment on the evidence before a criminal matter is resolved and it is highly inappropriate to issue a press release that is contrary to the evidence in a case.  If the evidence in the matter of Shailey Tripp was destroyed, that would appear to a citizen as an obstruction of justice.  If the “evidence seized” in the matter of Shailey Tripp is not returned to her in the condition it was in when confiscated, that would be evidence of wrongdoing on the  part of the Anchorage Police Department.  The APD should be held accountable for their part in this cover-up.

The Mission Statement of the Anchorage Police Department is to:

To protect and serve our community in the most professional and compassionate manner possible


Destruction of evidence does not constitute “protection” or “service” to the people of Anchorage, and it surely is not “professional” or “compassionate”.

Malia Litman

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4


Shailey Tripp is not an attorney, wealthy, or an Alaska resident.  Yet she is fighting for her rights in Alaska.  As I have documented on this blog, the Anchorage Police Department have disparaged her by issuing false “statements” and “press releases” to the National Enquirer.  According to Shailey, she gave not one, or two, lie detector tests , but three times she took and passed lie detector tests before the National Enquirer would publish her claim that Todd Palin was one of her customers.  Todd and Sarah have never taken even one lie detector test regarding this matter.  Todd has never given a public statement about the relationship.  I wonder why?  It would have been so easy for him to deny the allegations, and the press would have reported it in minutes.  Instead it was Sarah who said the allegations were “all lies” and her statement came days after the story broke, and not until AFTER the APD issued their “press release”.  It was Sarah’s lawyer who asked the police to issue the press release….according to Officer Parker.  The press release sounded more like an attorney talking when they said that there was not one “scintilla” of evidence to indicated that there was a connection between Shailey and Todd.  The “scintilla” of evidence was in the possession of the Anchorage Police Department.  They had Shailey’s lap top, credit card machines, and cell phone.

O bviously that scintilla of evidence was going to become extremely important if it contained the information Shailey said it did.  Obviously, Todd Palin would need that evidence to disappear if it implicated him.  Obviously the APD was trying to help the Palins by issuing that press release, so we would have every reason to distrust them regarding that evidence.  Thus I spoke with Officer McKinnon, the investigating officer to alert him to the importance of that “evidence” and to put the APD on notice that it was REALLY IMPORTANT that the evidence confiscated not mysteriously disappear, or somehow turn up as being magically erased.

Shailey Tripp was supposed to have her property returned back in June after she completed her probationary period.  She has been trying to obtain the property for 6 months and the Judge has been kind to consider her letters a form of motion.  It appears the Judge is starting to get mad, as we have been, at the apparent abuse and miscarriage of justice.  We are waiting to hear from the Court as to the next step, but Shailey is not giving up.  I won’t either, and I have told Shailey that I will travel to Anchorage to testify if the Judge needs my testimony.  Sometimes justice is slow in coming, but nobody is giving up.  Hang in there Shailey!

By way of update, I provide the following report regarding the “evidence seized” of Shailey Tripp, and which has not been returned.

Ms. Tripp has advised me by e-mail that she has contacted various departments at the Anchorage Police Department regarding her property which has not been returned, in spite of an order of the District Court requiring that it be returned.  According to Ms. Tripp, Internal Affairs has started an investigation.

I attempted to reach Internal Affairs, the Property Department of the APD, and the Records Department of the APD.  Even though I left my number for each it was Dave Parker who returned my call.  He stated that if I were not Shailey Tripp’s attorney that he could not discuss this matter with me.  Of course I am not, I told him that, but he already knew that from previous conversations.

Mr. Parker stated he was unwilling to discuss any matters regarding the evidence seized with anyone except Shailey Tripp or her attorney.  I asked Mr. Parker to explain to me why he previously felt it appropriate to discuss this matter with the NY Daily News, and give a press release to the National Enquirer, but he was unwilling to provide any information to me.  He did confirm that Shailey Tripp’s case is closed, and there is no further investigation underway.  He explained that Ms. Tripp was charged with running a house of prostitution, it was a misdemeanor, and she pled no contest.  He further admitted that it is the policy of the APD in cases such as this that “they don’t try to identify the Johns.”  Without arguing the fundamental unequal enforcement of the law, it seems that if the APD were to issue a press release regarding this matter that it would have been more accurate to explain to the NY Daily News, and the National Enquirer, that it is the policy of the APD that “they don’t try to identify the Johns.”  I guess the statement drafted by Sarah Palin’s attorney was a little different from that?!

Lt. Parker,

I’d like to believe you that you called me; however, after a thorough review of my cell phone log, I can find no evidence that you attempted to reach me. Perhaps you called the wrong number by mistake. 907-***-**** is the correct number.

Before discussing my property I need to correct a misstatement of yours: Anuradha Lawes, the person who picked up some of my property from APD is my mother, not my attorney. My attorney’s name is Kristen Foster. If you doubt Ms. Lawes is my mother or that she is not my attorney, I encourage you to call her to verify these facts.

The APD’s failure to return my property is as baffling as it is troubling. After speaking with various attorneys, officers, and others about this matter there seems to be no precedent, at least in the recent history of the APD, for the withholding of personal property in a dismissed misdemeanor case. Perhaps you can recall one.

To put things is their proper perspective a short review summary is perhaps in order. At a hearing on June 15, after it was shown that I had complied with all of the terms of my probation, my case was dismissed by Judge Pamela Washington. The return of my property was then discussed at some length. The judge ordered all of my property returned with the full consent of Municipal Prosecutor (MP) David Wallace. The sole exception was $209.00 in US currency. This agreement and order are in the public record.

Given the judge’s order, and the prosecutor having given his blessing, I anticipated a swift return of my property. I was sadly mistaken. David Wallace himself assured me that the return of my property would be expedited and told me to expect my property back within seven to ten business days. There ensued a frustrating two-month period of phone calls attempting to obtain the return of my property. During this time individuals at the APD attempted to stall by claiming that they were waiting for paperwork or authorization from the MP’s office. I subsequently learned this was not the case.

Someone named Matt at the MP’s office assured me that they had sent to APD all of the necessary paperwork and authorization they needed to release my property. I was both angered and disappointed to learn that the APD has not acted in an honest and forthright manner in dealing with my property.

As part of my efforts to obtain the return of my property I contacted Judge Washington’s clerk for assistance. Through a series of phone calls I learned that Judge Washington’s clerk had contacted both the MP’s office and the APD and had told both to comply with the judge’s order. The APD ignored her.

At length I was contacted regarding the return of property and arranged a Power of Attorney for my mother to act in my behalf to obtain my property. Some property was returned but not all of it. I am not going to itemize these items for you now because we both know you have these records in your possession. The items I am concerned about having returned to me are a credit card machine, a cell phone, and a computer.

The bottom line and undisputed fact is that the APD is continuing to withhold personal property of mine in defiance of a judge’s order and my constitutional rights. Furthermore it is clear from our correspondence that you have no intention of complying with the judge’s order and my continued pleas. This is unacceptable. The logical and obvious explanation for this is that the APD is protecting one or more persons whose names are contained in the property being withheld, apparently out of a fear that someone will be embarrassed or exposed in some way. The further proof of this is the bizarre issuance of a press release by you, discussed below.

I continue to demand the immediate return of ALL of my property, in accordance with Judge Washington’s order, the Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor, APD policy, and the United States Constitution. I furthermore put the Anchorage Police Department on notice to NOT attempt to destroy any of my personal property.

Regarding the press release, the most significant aspect of it is the multiple specific references to Todd Palin. It is these references that would lead the average observer to conclude that it is political in nature and that its issuance had absolutely nothing to do with my case except to discredit me. It is replete with fabrications and misstatements. Here are the major points:

You stated in the press release, “There’s not one scintilla of evidence that Todd Palin had anything to do with this.” However, you later admitted publicly that you had not examined all of the evidence that was confiscated from me; consequently, there is no way you could truthfully make this statement.

The press release cited “several errors” regarding the investigation and arrest as it was reported in the Enquirer article, stating that “None of the physical evidence examined by police showed any connection to Wasilla resident Todd Palin and his name did not appear in any of the records seized by APD.” Given that, again, the physical evidence was not fully examined (if at all), this statement is at best misleading and at worst a deliberate lie designed to achieve a political purpose.

The press release goes on to say, “The investigation of the prostitution operation was initiated by Anchorage Police Department’s Vice Unit responding to internet advertisements, not through information developed from any tips or other persons.” This statement is also untrue. A review of the police reports in the case reveals that the investigation was initiated when William Fortier, who formerly owned the building where I operated my business, lodged a complaint. So either the police report is incorrect or you were misinformed.

Finally, the press release stated, “No rolodex was seized and taken into evidence.” While no ‘paper’ Rolodex was seized, officers never searched my computers, which contained electronic address books, and in several of the officers’ reports references were made to ‘client lists’ that were seized.

I will note also that you are on record as publicly admitting (in telephone conversations with blogger/attorney Malia Litman) that you issued the press release at the request of John Tiemessen, Sarah Palin’s attorney of record.

This highly unorthodox behavior cannot be explained or justified in the context of any normal APD practice or procedure. On the contrary, it leads one to the inescapable conclusion that this was done for purely political purposes to aid Sarah Palin, with whom you are known to be allied politically as well as through church affiliation. In short, you placed political and religious allegiance before your duty as a sworn peace officer.

It is also telling that this press release was issued after normal business hours and does not appear on the APD website, along with APD’s other press releases, as if you were instructed not to do so, embarrassed to place it there due to its content, and/or because it was not authorized by higher authority and you did not wish it to be known that you had issued it.

You can rest assured that I will not let this issue rest until I have received a full accounting of why the press release was issued and on whose authority it was released. I am sending a detailed letter to APD Internal Affairs outlining the unusual and unethical behavior of its officers, including the issuance of the press release as detailed above. In addition, I am sending a copy of this correspondence to the ombudsman for the Municipality of Anchorage Ombudsman requesting that she investigate this matter, forwarding copies to the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office and to Judge Washington.

It gives me no pleasure to take these actions but I am sick of being misled by the APD after I acted in good faith. There is clearly something amiss in the APD. I am happy to speak or correspond with you if it leads to the return of my property.

Shailey Tripp

In the beginning I thought Mitt Romney was the most likely Republican to win the nomination. Until today I perceived that the most likely reason that he would NOT win the nomination was the fact that he is Mormon. However, being Mormon may be the least of his challenges in securing the GOP nomination.   While the media is focused on the Herman Cain’s history of sexual harassment, Think Progress has been focused on Mitt Romney’s history of fraud and corruption. In what seems like the most important political news of the day, Mitt Romney, his 41 year old son,

and Spencer Zwick, Romney’s chief fund raiser, have “extensive” financial and political ties to three men who allegedly participated in an $8.5 BILLION DOLLAR PONZI SCHEME. Within a few months after the billion dollar Ponzi scheme collapsed, Mitt Romney, his son, and Spencer Zwick partnered with those three men to create “wealth management business.” Tagg Romney has admitted to the business relationship with the three men involved in the Ponzi scheme that cost investors billions of dollars, but he falsely reported that the three men, who were his partners, had been “cleared of any wrongdoing” Tagg also reported that the three collected a total of approximately $15,000 from their involvement in the Ponzi scheme. Court documents indicate that there has been no vindication, and that the men made over $1.6 million by selling fraudulent CD’s to investors.

After Think Progress’ report, the Romney campaign released a statement attacking Think Progress as a “left-wing blog” which has a “highly partisan agenda.” However Tagg Romney has yet to offer an explanation for issuing such a bald-faced lie.  Attempting a further cover up, Solamere Advisors, the firm run by brokers who allegedly took part in the Stanford Ponzi scheme, deleted the reference in their website which identified Tagg Romney and Spencer Zwick, as part of their organization.

Tagg’s declaration of vindication is comparable to Sarah Palin declaration of vindication in the Troopergate matter.

The Romney campaign and the Romney family investment company are deeply entwined. A recent Boston Globe investigation found that top donors to the Romney campaign have invested into Tagg’s firm, and that Romney’s star campaign fundraiser, Spencer Zwick, doubles as a managing partner for Solamere Capital. The Romney campaign has paid Zwick’s firm,  over $2 million in fees this year alone. Mitt Romney’s brother Scott Romney is listed as a senior advisor to Solamere Capital.

The Republican party now has Cain, Perry, Romney and Palin all promoting themselves as being chosen by God. Romney has said that, “My faith is not the issue because I have it.”

Yet Romney’s  campaign has benefited, and he has partnered with people who wiped out the savings of thousands of retired people across America. Herb Cain was called by God to run for President. .

However, it appears Cain is also compelled by some higher power to harass women in the workplace. Rick Perry got the call from God to run. Luckily Perry had time to answer that call since he was working less than half time.

Unfortunately his devotion to God didn’t translate into ethical behavior as the Governor of Texas. It seems that the real motivation behind Rick Perry is money. The Holy Spirit whispers to Sarah Palin. God speaks to her too, but at a higher decibel. Yet, there seems to be some confusion. Each thought the other was going to have the “ethics” talk with her, and neither did.

If Mitt Romney is the best the Republican Party has to offer, the GOP deserves to lose the election of 2012. With a slate of candidates like this, the difference in political ideologies between Republicans and Democrats will become irrelevant. Corruption, ethics, graft, and sexual exploitation by the GOP candidates should be the most compelling reasons to eliminate them as potential leaders of the country. We don’t have to consider Mitt Romney’s willingness to increase the national debt by lowering taxes and increasing military spending. It is his choice of partners that should be enough to cause any American to refuse to elect him to be our President.

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