One Step Closer to World Peace

Many who read this blog know of the amazing stem cell treatment I am receiving at Hadassah Hospital in Israel.  Here is a video about the study and my story. This is the CBS news story about my treatment. This is a recent NBC news story about Hadassah Hospital which is building bridges to world... Continue Reading →

Trump’s God Complex is Real, Dangerous, and Transparent

When the American people consider the right person to lead our country we necessarily consider the person's age and health.  Because we wish to find a leader who had good judgment, we look to choices he/she makes in their personal life, to give insight into the type of choices he/she will make as President.  The... Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished: Trump Proves He is a Moron

    It has long been reported that Donald Trump is a moron.  His own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson called him a moron.  Seth Meyers provided an overview of just how stupid Trump really is. Now the Donald has proved that he is just as stupid as people thought.  Remember the phrase "mission accomplished" that... Continue Reading →

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