Trump Fosters Incestous Relationships

  Carl Ichan has an estimated net worth of 18.8 BILLION DOLLARS.  Before his inauguration, Donald Trump appointed Ichan to be "special adviser to the president on regulatory reform." He said Icahn would help him deal with "the strangling regulations that our country is faced with." At the time of the appointment, many were critical of the pick. ... Continue Reading →

Melania Begs Donald to ‘Govern With Heart”; POTUS is Heartless and Immoral!

A child stands traumatized as her mother is arrested. Children are being separated from their parents is the parents are illegal immigrants. This is the picture of what has become of America under the Trump administration.  Trump has adopted a "zero tolerance" immigration policy which results in separations of undocumented parents and kids.  The amazing... Continue Reading →

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