Trump Rescinded Restrictions on Guns for the Mentally Ill

Trump has blamed the FBI for their failure to identify the Parkland, Florida shooter as a potential threat.  Yet he failed to mention that HE rescinded the Obama prohibition of the mentally ill owning guns.

Trump’s Response to the Parkland Shooting: FUBAR

It seems that Donald Trump forgot that visiting injured highschool students after the devastating shooting in Parkland Florida was supposed to be a time of reflection, a time to mourn, and a time to take action to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again!   The thumbs-up photo shows just how clueless Trump was! His... Continue Reading →

Comedians Teach Politicians the Importance of Gun Control

Doing Nothing is Unacceptable!!!  How much longer is America going to stand by and allow legislators to do nothing? This is the John Oliver trilogy from 2013.   This was Colbert in 2016 after the Orlando shooting.   Listen to Stephen Colbert after the Oct, 2017 event in Las Vegas. This was just November of... Continue Reading →

The Parkland Tragedy Illustrates the Tragedy of Trump Being President

Donald Trump should never have been elected President.  Without doubt his policies and political positions are contrary to mine.  He is racist.  He is mysoginistic.  He is a disgrace to our country.  He has repeatedly acted contrary to the very principals of the US Constitution.  However nothing that came before is a better, more obvious... Continue Reading →

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