The Revolving Door at the White House Spinning Out of Control

When the White House was constructed the "revolving door" had not been invented.  However if there is one thing President Trump will be remembered for it will be his installation of a revolving door.  Federal filings show that White House staff members are leaving in unprecedented numbers; Trump's White House staff turnover rate is record-breaking, with... Continue Reading →

Stephen Colbert’s “MUST SEE” Interview of Trump

This was the Young Turks take on the actual interview: This was Colbert's Epic interview with Trump!  

THROWDOWN! Murkowski vs. Palin

Senator Murkowski has issued a challenge to Sarah Palin making reference to "wrestling."  Murkowski was responding to Palin's remarks after Murkowski had the courage to vote on the Kavanaugh nomination based on convictions instead of party lines.  Palin said "I can see 2022 from my house." Palin was clearly suggesting that she might run against... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin’s Candy Ass Opinion-She Should Be Allowed to Exploit Trigg

Since the 2008 election, Sarah Palin is ten years older.  She has 5 grandkids.  She is the holder of NO political office and NO job.  She is not making any reality television show.  None of her kids have gone to college.  Todd isn't working still, except perhaps as a pimp.  Track is in jail.  Bristol... Continue Reading →

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