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Growing up in Tulsa Oklahoma in the ’60’s with three brothers, Malia Litman learned the skills essential to survival in a man’s world. Malia has been a Registered Nurse, a Business Law Instructor at the University of Oklahoma, and was a Senior Trial Partner at Thompson & Knight in Dallas. After 12 years of devotion to the practice of law, Malia retired to devote herself to raising three young children. Twenty years later she has reactivated her license and is practicing part time.

In 2008 Malia realized that she could no longer complain about the dysfunction in our political system if she failed to take responsibility to become an active participant. As a precinct captain for the Obama campaign, Malia began educating herself about the many issues facing our nation. Having done extensive research on the candidates, Malia wrote her first book, Rebuttal to the Rogue in 2009. In January of 2010, Malia began writing this blog focusing on the political climate in America. Readers may disagree with Malia’s point of view, but the basis for her opinion is always cited in the blog articles. Truth is the guiding principle in all that is written in this blog. Malia invites any person reading the blog to disagree with any position taken. In the event there is a report that is contradicted by documented facts, Malia will gladly issue a retraction. Readers of the blog have demonstrated their support for Malia’s articles, and viewership now exceeds 5 million.

Malia became nationally known as a result of the FOIA case she filed demanding documents which revealed the corruption within the Secret Service. No other investigative journalist uncovered the voluminous records which verified the extent of the corruption and perverse behavior of members of the Secret Service. (http://www.dallasnews.com/news/watchdog/2016/08/05/watchdog-dallas-woman-discovers-secret-service-sex-scandals-public-information-requests)

Malia has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 18 years. Two years ago she began receiving a revolutionary stem cell treatment at Hadassah Hospital in Israel. For the first time since being diagnosed, Malia began to realize significant improvement in her symptoms. Dr. Dimitrios Karussis, Malia’s doctor, has used this same treatment for patients suffering from ALS. Those patients lived an average of two years longer than the average ALS patients. Dr. Karussis is the first doctor in the world to discover any treatment that improves the life of an ALS patient. Hoping to help other patients with autoimmune diseases Malia has started the 10 from 10 Challenge (www.10from10.com). Malia gratefully appears around the country to speak on behalf of Hadassah and the revolutionary stem cell treatment being provided there. Malia is proud to be counted as a patient of Hadassah Medical Organization, the bridge to peace, which offers revolutionary medical care to patients no matter their nationality, race or religion.

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