Trevor Noah Comments on Voter Supression

One thought on “Trevor Noah Comments on Voter Supression

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  1. The worst and most dangerous decision of the Supreme Court was “citizen united” Declaring a corporation is a person was the WORST Supreme Court decision in US History. It is the reason for the corruption today. It is the reason the election was rigged.

    I voted for President Obama twice. I believed in him and trusted him. I did not agree 100% on all issues.

    The fact he left office after the rigged election and did very little to stop it? Its not good. We are now in danger and held hostage by criminals.

    Confusing children with gender identity. A human is born male or female. Period. What happens after birth is environmental. If that person identifies with the opposite sex that is ok. But a person cannot change how they were born.

    This issue is only confusing children, creating a monster and exposing americans to a private personal issue. We cannot allow it. We cannot change how we were born.

    Our children fear the insane adults flooding our streets with guns. The exposure of sex predators, the lack of internet security. And adults confusing them with their gender. It is shameful and insane what adults are behaving like today.


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