Nobody Likes Sarah Palin


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It seems obvious to everyone but Sarah Palin that nobody likes her.  Even Donald Trump, the ultimate disgrace to America, never found a place for poor Grandma Palin in his administration.

Even her own son, Track, seems to be violent at the mention of her name.

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In spite of the fact that she quit her job as governor, and hasn’t held elected office for 9 years, and in spite of the fact that she cost Alaskan taxpayers 20 MILLION DOLLARS, Palin felt it was appropriate to criticize Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) for Murkowski’s vote against Brett KavanaughPresident Trump‘s choice for Supreme Court Justice.

In a poll of likely Alaska midterm voters conducted by Alaska Survey Research, Palin was viewed negatively by over half of voters.  Worse yet, 69% reported that they had a negative view of her.

It’s been clear for a long time that Palin is a has-been.  She is old, irrelevant, and just plain annoying.  The only person who seems to be unaware is Palin herself.

6 thoughts on “Nobody Likes Sarah Palin

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  1. True. But never forget she’s a creature from the swamp, a denizen of darkness, an evil succubus on the body politic. She’s going to perpetually try to crawl out of the ooze and seize a microphone and try to damage someone decent.

    She has the blood of a nine year old child on her hands. She’s never shown any remorse for causing that little girl’s death. Palin will remain a threat to decency, justice and morality until she’s dead and buried.


  2. People like sarah palin and don trump are disgusting liars. They are dangerous to society. Both should be indicted and charged with espionage and treason.


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