THROWDOWN! Murkowski vs. Palin

Senator Murkowski has issued a challenge to Sarah Palin making reference to “wrestling.”  Murkowski was responding to Palin’s remarks after Murkowski had the courage to vote on the Kavanaugh nomination based on convictions instead of party lines.  Palin said “I can see 2022 from my house.”

Palin was clearly suggesting that she might run against Murkowski in 2022.  It’s as if Palin forgot that she announced she was leaving Alaska, that Murkowski won in a contested election, that Todd was a pimp, that Track was in jail, or that she had not had a real job for 9 years.

Murkowski certainly reminded everyone that Palin got out of politics long ago.  “I don’t know the former governor’s interest in being involved in elected politics again and she’s really been out of the picture in the state for many years now,” Murkowski told The Hill.




4 thoughts on “THROWDOWN! Murkowski vs. Palin

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  1. OT.
    Does Teen Mom hold an open bag of raw onions just out of camera range – Bristol has so many tears.

    The tears just look so real cascading off her jawline.


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