Sarah Palin’s Candy Ass Opinion-She Should Be Allowed to Exploit Trigg

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Since the 2008 election, Sarah Palin is ten years older.  She has 5 grandkids.  She is the holder of NO political office and NO job.  She is not making any reality television show.  None of her kids have gone to college.  Todd isn’t working still, except perhaps as a pimp.  Track is in jail.  Bristol is still not married.  One thing has remained constant.  She is still exploiting Trigg, and suggesting that she is still a victim.

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Facebook’s terms of service, which apply to everyone, prohibit users from posting content that is hateful, threatening, incites violence or contains nudity or graphic violence.

October 11, Thursday, I posted an article explaining that Palin was using Trigg again.  I specifically referenced this meme posted by Sarah Palin.  Whatever you think the message was intended to be, I noted that some people were offended.  They perceived that Palin was comparing liberal protesters who think of themselves as strong beautiful women to a child with disabilities crying.

What protestors (who can’t explain what they’re protesting) think we see -vs- what we really see 🤣 (😘sorry Trig!❤️)

However my point was the fact that she had taken pictures of Trigg  when he was crying in a public space.  Imagine a parent so insensitive to the needs of her child that when he was crying, instead of trying to comfort Trigg, she got out the camera and took three pictures!  The message is that the parent is so unconcerned with the distress of her child who has a disability, that when he cries, your response is to take a picture and post it on social media, thinking it funny.  Even if the parent perceives that her child was acting up, she might discipline him, or ignore him, but not take his picture…three times… and use it in an attempt to make people laugh.  ‘What kind of a mother would do that?  Wouldn’t that simply result in more distress for the child?

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Now, Palin blasted social media giants after claiming Instagram removed her politically-tinged meme featuring her son.  CENSORSHIP is to sharing opinions as LYNCHING is to justice!” she wrote in a follow up post on the site. “Unbelievable. Instagram took down a post of my son Trig acting like a normal kid ~ which I am so proud he can do.”

The latest photo on her page is now a screenshot of what appears to be Instagram’s message to her, letting her know she “violated community guidelines” with an image that juxtaposed superhero-type characters and her young child who has Down Syndrome. The post, uploaded shortly after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation, suggested that protesters look immature.

Palin complained that “I’d taken a recent meme and, like so many others, personalized it by replacing my own child’s temper tantrum for the ‘normal’ kid’s tantrum that someone else used in their meme,” she wrote. “The powers-that-be deemed it unacceptable. How is my child different than all the other children used in this same meme, Mark [Zuckerberg]? Is he not as worthy to be treated as equal to, say, your child?”

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Continuing to blast Facebook with increasingly heated remarks, Palin said, “Some candy-ass PC-policing snowflake sitting in a Palo Alto cubicle wants the power to censor my personal opinion? Does he/she/it not know they’re merely providing fuel for me and others who will fight for equality, justice… and all children?”

Sarah Palin is so clueless that she has proven that she doesn’t even realize why her post was offensive.  BY admitting that Facebook took it down, she admits that many others thought she was disparaging a child with a disability.  The “candy-ass politically correct police had to defend and protect Trigg from his abusive mother.


5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Candy Ass Opinion-She Should Be Allowed to Exploit Trigg

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  1. Sarah Palin is getting more and more hysterical! Won’t her local Walmart hire her to be a greeter at the front door? Then she just might shut up for a week or two.

    Someone needs to explain to Sarah that it is not appropriate to expose your child, whether blessed with disabilities or not, to such public attention. And how on earth is photographing your own child or any child, once again whether blessed with disabilities or not, and posting those photos for the world to see helping to make some bizarre political point!

    The poor woman. She needs about ten years in time out and then, if she can calm down and stop bloviating for a while, she can rejoin the human race. Until then, no one wants to hear from her. NO ONE.


  2. Malia,
    Her whole point was to call the protesters “retards”! And I just hate to use THAT word, but it is so obvious! It is so easy to see what she was up to! She could have used pictures of her many other children and many grand-children crying for this but no. I think that we all know by now how her brain works. Poor Trig. This is sickening. Seeing her use poor Trig like this makes my stomach turn! Why doesn’t she grow up and get off of the computer so that we never have to hear from her.


  3. Maybe there is some truth to the rumor that trig was actually adopted by sarah. One rumor was that he was a Russian child that is the beneficiary of a trust fund. The other rumor was it was a child produced from the todd and shailey tripp affair. Is this why sarah has zero compassion for the child? I don’t know. Maybe Child protective services should be involved as sarah is lacking in parental responsibility of keeping the child safe. She is exploiting a minor with disability on national social media.


    1. She should have been separated from all her children 15 years ago when the two oldest started binge drinking, fornicating, getting aggressive, and producing babies. And likely getting abortions. This is not the behavior of children who are in safe healthy and loving environments.
      Can child services retroactively remove Sarah? Remove her name from their birth certificates? Track would likely be okay after all if he saw his birth certificate said he was born from that other guy (forgot his name) and maybe Big Bird.


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