The Late Show Promotes a New Beer: Have a Kavanaugh

3 thoughts on “The Late Show Promotes a New Beer: Have a Kavanaugh

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  1. Oh lordy that liar is swearing in a rapist in a public spectacle. How simply pathetic. Goodness cant wait till mueller puts a stop to this disgusting mess.


      1. I imagine that the charges against trump will be so hard and heavy that he will be forced to resign and never recover. As far as the Supreme Court? My hope is that the sex assault and lies will be proven and Kavenaugh and Thomas will be removed, charged and shamed along with exposing Kennedy’s sudden resignation and reason for it. In doing so it will show his part in protecting his son from Trump/russian money laundering through kennedys son bank employment.
        All must NOT receive public financial benefits, retirement, or future claims to public funded benefits for Government employment.

        It is time for honesty, reality and ethics for America and Americans.

        If we cannot trust the Supreme Court and Paid Elected Servants we have big problems which we have had.

        The ruling of “Citizen United” by the Supreme Court was the WORST crime against America besides sending kids into war for profit.


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