The Worst Governor in the History of Alaska Threatens the Real Maverick


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Sarah Palin, the worst governor in Alaska, has threatened Lisa Murkowski.  On Friday Morning, Murkowski was the only Republican to vote against a procedural move advancing Kavanaugh’s nomination.  Murkowski gave a heartfelt explanation of why she expected more from a Judge who would earn her vote for a life-time position on the highest court in the land.

While Murkowski was the only Republican in the Senate to express her willingness to vote “NO” on Brett Kavanaugh, her position was supported by the American Bar Association, and over 2400 law professors.  Even retired Justice Stevens felt Kavanaugh was so dangerous that he felt compelled to speak out.  The amazing thing is that Democrats and Republicans were split along party lines after the testimony of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.  Republicans were reacting to the notion the Democrats were trying to block the nomination, using allegations of sexual assault from long ago.  Democrats were reacting to the notion that Kavanaugh was too conservative on many issues.

Lisa Mukowski, the Bar Association, Law Professors, and Retired Justice Stevens were reacting to something much more fundamental to any person’s qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court...judicial Temperament.  It is not surprising that the nominee is a conservative.  With a Republican dominated Senate, and a Republican President, only a fool would think that the nominee would be liberal on issues of abortion, gay marriage, universal health care, or civil rights.  However there are a multitude of judges who are conservative and haven’ been accused of sexual assault, and who have the type of judicial temperament that we expect of judges on the highest Court in the land.  

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This is not the first time Lisa Murkowski has shown her willingness to be a true “Maverick.”

Remember when John McCain famously voted “NO” to the revocation of nationalized health care?Image result for mccain thumbs down

His vote came AFTER Senator Murkowski and Senator Collins voted “NO”.  Thus is it clear that Murkiowski votes her conscious rather than whatever the party tells her to do.

Today, the worst Governor Alaska has ever had, the Governor who resigned her position as Governor before her first term was finished, has the audacity to taunt Senator Murkowski.  Murkowski has served as Senator from Alaska since 2002, for 16 years.  That’s more than 5 times the length of service of Sarah Palin.

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Palin, who has recently announced she is leaving Alaska, taunted Murkowski:

“I can see 2022 from my house.”

The tweet was widely viewed as a thinly-veiled threat to challenge Murkowski in her 2022 reelection campaign to the Senate.

It appears Sarah Palin hasn’t learned anything from her past dealings with Murkowski.  Palin lost the initial appointment to the Senate to Murkowski back in 2002.  In 2010 Sarah Palin supported the Republican challenger , Joe Miller.

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Murkowski  lost the Republican primary to a Tea Party challenger, Joe Miller, who was endorsed by Palin.  Murkowski won that historical election in 2010, as a result of a write-in vote.

Who is Sarah Palin to be so disrespectful towards Senator Murkowski?  Common sense would dictate that Sarah shut up.  She hasn’t served in any office since 2009, ten years.  Her oldest son is in jail and has been arrested three times for domestic violence.  Her daughter brawls and pees in public.  That same daughter discusses her sexual encounters and has multiple children out of wedlock while proclaiming her commitment to abstinence.

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Her husband has been the subject of a book revealing that he worked as a pimp.

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Sarah herself has revealed just how stupid she is.

Sarah Palin isn’t even smart enough to understand why Murkowski was right to object to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Trig is 10 years old.  Maybe he can explain it to his mom.

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  1. Please proceed, Governor, to quote a truly great president, Barack Obama.

    Please proceed, Governor. Open that door, I beg you, so that every journalist, late night comedian and “pundints” as you mispronounced it Sarah, can stroll through and once again make you and your family the laughingstocks of an entire nation.

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  2. The Supreme Court is hearing the case Gamble vs. USA. Bretts Mom’s maiden name is Gamble. It is the only hope for trump and his associates for this case to succeed. If you read what the case is about you will see why getting brett on supreme court is important for trump right now along with the unethical republicans that will be charged also.


  3. A sad day for the Mother who must choose between her son falsely accused or her daughter who was raped and assaulted. Not one GOP woman nor her daughter have been raped nor assaulted, that is remarkable and amazing. The GOP senate women can go to sleep tonight and feel blessed and safe that they voted for a true gentleman and honest man.


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