Make America Great Again by Elevating a Sexual Predator to the Highest Position in the Land!

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Just when you thought the damage done by Donald Trump couldn’t get worse, it does!  Just when you think the “Me Too” movement is gaining momentum, it is dealt a mortal blow.  It now appears Judge Kavanaugh is going to be given a life time appointment to the US Supreme Court.  It wasn’t enough for Donald Trump to nominate a sexual predator, he went further to mock the victim.

In a key procedural vote earlier Friday, Flake, Collins and Manchin joined with the majority in a 51-to-49 vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination. Following the vote, all three senators indicated they plan to support Kavanaugh’s confirmation in a final vote scheduled for Saturday.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Collins said Kavanaugh had “received rave reviews” for his 12 years as a federal appeals court judge and that the misconduct allegations against him failed to meet a standard of “more likely than not.”

The problem is that the FBI report failed to find a witness who could confirm the testimony of Dr. Ford.  The outrageous conclusion is that attempted rape of a victim is not believable unless there is a witness to witness the attack…other than the victim.  In a murder case, the victim of the murder is dead.  That person can’t testify.  If there is an eye witness to the crime, the jury is relieved that there is a witness at all.  In an attempted murder case the victim is the very best person to testify about what a defendant did.  Yet in this case the Republican Senators seem to feel that Dr. Ford’s testimony, and lie detector statement, were not enough to raise suffiecient suspicion about Judge Kavanaugh to block his nomination.  They seemed to need a third party to confirm that Dr. Ford had been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh.  The stated reasoning was that the allegations made by Dr. Ford were part of some liberal conspiracy to keep Kavanaugh off the court.  The fallacy with that position is that there was no evidence of ill will or wrongful motive on the part of Dr. Ford.

It is a sad day for women, for the country, and for honest hard working Americans who rely on justice in our Courts.  The Supreme Court will no longer be revered or respected as it once was.

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens explained:

8 thoughts on “Make America Great Again by Elevating a Sexual Predator to the Highest Position in the Land!

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  1. Malia I just don’t understand how voters are turning a blind eye to this person nominated by a person under investigation for the same crimes and more. The only answer is that they are fox news viewers that do not get the facts or news. It is beyond my imagination how these people are blind to the facts about the type of people they are supporting and cheering for. Fox news has to be stopped. They are causing this divide and problem.


  2. What came first – the ignorance that brought us kavanaugh, or the ignorance of kavanaugh?

    Insert Palin or Trump in place of Kavanaugh.

    No worries though. The planet won’t be human-habitable soon due to ignorance. Mans nature and natures nature are One! Nature is not corrupt needing fixing (The Fall is a misunderstanding). What is corrupt is the christian understanding of nature, and the perceived separation of man and nature.


    1. Senator Collins should have left out the first 30 minutes of her speech. The span of his vocational credentials has never been the issue. Neither is his drinking. The sexual assault has.

      Will there be a separation between church and state,,and will there be neutrality, and will he remain unaffected by personal emotion? He showed us his failure of all 3. He LITERALLY showed the world on live TV.


  3. May a thousand Camels fart in their face. May the Earth shake them to their knees. May the sea wash them to their fate. There is no reason nor excuse for treason nor traitors against America.


  4. Years ago there was a rape trial somewhere on the East Coast during which the victim was blamed for not having fought off her assailant who was threatening her with a knife. To all of us who were appalled that the victim was being blamed for not having died defending herself during the attack there was some comfort in the ultimate outcome: the Violence against Women Act, spearheaded by Joe Biden, then senator from Delaware.

    Now the GOP has decided not to reauthorize that law and we have a new member of the Supreme Court who was accused, under oath, of having sexually assaulted a woman when both were teenagers. No one said that he raped her but he was accused of sexual assault. He was defended by the GOP in Congress and by the GOP president; the woman was defamed by all of them.

    I do not think that women are safe in this country anymore. We are being punished by the GOP for having marched in the streets just days after Trump took office. Now we need to march ourselves to our polling places in a few weeks and remove as many Republicans from office as possible. There is not a decent, moral one among them.


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