Track Palin is “Not Guilty for Sure”

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Track Palin pled “not guilty for sure” to claims of domestic violence”.  Evidently the Judge didn’t believe Track.  Maybe it was hard to believe Track because his recent arrest violated an agreement stemming from another case of domestic violence.

Track was arrested in Wasilla, Alaska, on Friday, September 28, after assaulting the mother of his child, Jordon Lowe.

Track was charged with domestic violence, interfering with a report of domestic violence, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He appeared in court in Palmer, Alaska, on Saturday, September 29, and pleaded “not guilty, for sure” to the four misdemeanors.

Track was previously arrested on domestic violence charges in December 2017 after he was accused of breaking into his parents’ home and assaulting his Todd. He pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal trespassing in June of this year as part of a plea deal.

At the time of his 2017 arrest, Track was serving two years of probation for allegedly punching his then-girlfriend and pointing a gun at her.  Thus probation didn’t work.  Just three months after he was given an alternative to serving time in jail, he committed another domestic assault.

No doubt Track is reflecting on his options at this point.

He is rumored to be considering serving on the US Supreme Court.  If that doesn’t work out he is considering a reality television show about teenage dads in jail.

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7 thoughts on “Track Palin is “Not Guilty for Sure”

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  1. Oh and look at todd the pimp sitting there to support him and keep him on the streets to assault another person. Malia the Culture of Corruption Evidence has spread like wild fire in all areas in our life. It is not just in secret service, military, congress or law enforcement. With trump it is everywhere and everything that trump touches. There are thousands of people working to expose it and we cannot let up. Thank you Malia for your part in helping to do it. The stress of it is not healthy, Please take care of yourself.


  2. Remember when Jerry Springer started his show so many years ago? I recall thinking that it was such trash no one would watch it. Silly me!! It has morphed in so many ugly directions. I have never watched a reality show and honestly do not know why people do or what positive things they get from them. They seem to get more bizarre and meaner.


  3. Malia,
    I’m surprised an attorney like yourself didn’t note that the brilliant legal mind of Track Palin just skillfully employed a sure fire legal stratagem. A veritable get out of jail free card, if you will.

    By adding the words “fer shure” to his plea, Track outfoxed the prosecutors. The precedent was established in Valley Girls v. Diana Ross and the Supremes. As you know, our legal system is based on the doctrine of stare decisis and we must stand by precedent. Track Palin has proven himself to be Brett Kavanaugh’s equal in every way.


    1. Barbara,
      Why would we expect anything from Track other than abuse of women. If your father was a pimp, and provided services to Alaska’s police, why would you every worry about knocking around a few women?


  4. Isn’t Track Palin about 30 years old? He certainly is old enough to know how to behave to law enforcement personnel and in a courtroom. He’s had more experience than most of us have had or will have in our lives with the law. Yet Track continues to behave like a surly, entitled teenager. I doubt very much that the police or a judge would react to such immature behavior from a Native Alaskan or an African American or any other minority young person. It’s beyond time for the authorities to clamp down on his behavior. Track Palin obviously has no respect for 1) women, 2) small children, and 3) family or community authority figures.


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