Sarah Palin Predicted the Demise of the Palin Family

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The problem with pretending to be the author of a book is that you look pretty stupid if you don’t know what your own book says.  If you give advice to others it is presumed that you internalize that advice in your daily life.  If you pretend to know the secret to a close knit family, you better have a close knit family.  If you  pretend to advocate abstinence before marriage, then you should yourself not be pregnant when you are married.  When Sarah married she was already pregnant.  However she didn’t announce she was pregnant, she didn’t give birth while single, and Todd pretended to be the father of Track, even though Track looks astonishingly like Curtis Menard.

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When Sarah got pregnant out of wedlock she hadn’t written a book, or  proclaimed the importance of abstinence before marriage.  The hypocrisy of Sarah Palin didn’t become obvious until Bristol announced she was pregnant when she wasn’t married, not once but twice.  When Track got a girl pregnant out of wedlock the absurdity of Sarah became even more obvious.

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The fact that Track and Bristol both conceived before marriage would seem to teach the average teenager to be careful if they intend to engage in premarital sex. However Track got Jordon Lowe pregnant before marriage, and Bristol got pregnant AGAIN before marriage.

Both Track and Bristol eventually did marry, and within a short time both divorced.  Sarah wrote about the importance of fathers in the lives of their children.  Yet Bristol and Track have children whose fathers are not involved  in the daily lives of their children.    “Before Jordan got pregnant, Todd told her, ‘I’d run if I were you.”   Now that the baby has been born Sarah and Todd have cut all ties with Track.

It’s hard not to remember Sarah’s words from America by Heart in her chapter giving advice on Raising Small-r Republicans.  Here are some of the more memorable quotes of Sarah Palin, the woman who held herself out as the “Mama Grizzley” who considered her family her “true north.”(pg 91)

“In our house, we pitch in and help each other out….it’s a family goal.  If it’s important to one of us it’s important to all of us.  And if it challenges one of us, it gets support from all of us.”(pg 94)

“The Palin family is no different from others.  We’ve had our challenges, but we’ve tackled them head-on , together, and we’ve ended up stronger for it.”(pg 95)

“As a matter of fact, if you discount the screaming headlines and lurid magazine covers, ours has been a typical American family story.”(Pg 99)

“April 20, 1989, was the day I had my first child, Track, and I truly believe my life began that day.”(pg 101)

“Our families lay the finger of God on our foreheads….When you’re a parent…you have an investment in the world-a child-and you want to make sure that the world is a safe,welcoming, and prosperous place for her.” (pg 107)

“”After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers …” (pg 114)

“…families matter and fathers do matter.”(pg 117)

“…the rate of violent crime is much more strongly correlated with family disorganization than it is with race.”(pg 119)

“Our families embody our hopes and dreams.  …Today the fight for my family’s future is the fight for all American families’ futures.”(pg 125)

It is tragic when any person turns to a life of drugs and/or alcohol.  It’s tragic when any mother has to protect her child from his/her father.  It’s tragic when a mother has to get a Judge involved to protect herself and her child from the violent behavior of the father.  However the greatest tragedy is when the mother of this violent man pretends to be a loving and committed

mother.  It is tragic when Sarah Palin condemns other families that have problems, like those of her family, and pretends that they are caused by political affiliation.

Now that Track has been arrested three times for domestic violence it appears he will no longer be able rely on the Veterans Court to resolve his legal problems.

According to a criminal complaint against Track written by Trooper Jason Somerville, Jordan Loew told Troopers Track attempted to keep her from leaving as she was dropping their son off at his home.

 Track took Jordan’s phone away from her. Jordan made it outside to her vehicle in the driveway and was in the driver seat when Track followed her out and was on top of her, hitting her in the head. Jordan told me she went back inside to get [the child] and take him with her. While Jordan was walking inside Track continued to hit her in the back of the head and butt. Jordan got [the child] back out to the vehicle and buckled him in the car seat. Jordan was able to get her phone back from Track while standing outside the vehicle. Jordan said she was wrestling with Track over the phone and screaming for help. Jordan believed her screaming is what caused Track to give up the phone and allow her to get in the vehicle and leave. Jordan told me she was scared of things escalating because of their past history. She told me Track had pulled a gun on her in the past and gets violent very quickly.”

According to the charging document, Track did not immediately open the door to troopers and described Loewe’s call to authorities as a “power move.” He told them she had actually assaulted him but did not elaborate.

Track then allegedly resisted as troopers tried to arrest him.

Track was also arrested for domestic-violence assault after a similar incident in January 2016, as a result of an altercation with Loewe, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Track was also arrested in 2017 in a domestic-violence assault case in which troopers say he struck his father.  Track was successful in getting that case sent to the Alaska’s Veterans Court.
If Track is expelled from that program due to his recent arrest Track will be required to serve a year in jail for the 2017 case and likely more time for the recent case.
Sarah Palin declared that fathers are important.  Track’s father (at least the father who raised him) was a pimp, so the example he set was to use and abuse women.  Track has followed in his father’s footsteps.  Sarah has declared the importance of the father and indicated that the lack of a father in the home is a predictor of failure of the family.  Both Bristol and Track have families where the father is absent.  It seems Sarah has predicted the downfall of her own family as well as that of Bristol and Track’s families.
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  1. Now we’ll see, won’t we, Malia? The “ifs.” A clear violation of probation, and if it were you or me we’d be off to the hoosegow in a heartbeat but this is the ‘golden boy.’ I hope your health is good; been thinking about you a lot lately. Trying to keep my opinions to myself, but it’s getting more difficult. Appalled at the state of this country.


  2. MALIA,
    They (assorted Palin’s) keep writing on their instagrams “oh what a perfect wedding” and “oh what a dream wedding.” MALIA, these are all lies! What a disaster this “wedding” was. Bristol and her kids were nowhere in sight. They did not go . And Track was arrested the night before. He was in jail instead. MALIA, this is the most disaster wedding that I have ever heard of!


      1. The publicized story is that bristol found out track would be at the wedding, and that Dakota doesn’t want track around Dakotas & bristols kids. So Bristol had a big fight with willow when she found out, and left town. She’s been MOH for months, how could she have not known.
        Weird, coz track was in jail anyways,,in the end.
        But – it makes for $$$ and drama for the ¼million TeenMom check.
        So this could be interpreted numerous ways, including that bristol sold out her family for fame etc, just like her mom sold out akaska for fame etc. There’s like 40000 different ways to read between the lines of what happened that weekend. There’s is no stable baseline in toxicity. As a nurse, you should know that when the organism is infected and cannot heal itself, an outside source, such as an antibiotic or other medicine, must be administered so the organism can pick up that neutral impulse to help itself to heal.
        Just ask any Palin -,”there’s no problem, alls well, they are average Americans, they are victims.”

        B U L L S H I T


  3. I’m glad none of her kids have issues with addiction. I’m glad they’re strong enough to not let sociopathic liberals who lie push them to suicide. I’m glad 4 of them have never had legal issues ever I’m glad the one, who HATES attention and people who lies about him has only had bigger issues the last few years. Who knows why, the family doesn’t. We as moral humans should never speculate. And since 4 of the kids have no problems, it’s not a family problem.

    I’m proud of them for being a close knit family and always supporting their loves ones. Thanks Todd for being with Track today and voicing how he could’ve completed Vet court to get back to normal.

    I’m glad Bristol hasn’t let liars who call her an abstinence spokesperson get her down. I’m glad she’s always been a moral person and good mom who values respectful fathers and has the strength to walk away from an emotionally abusive relationship.

    I am glad this amazing family, that is bigger than a large village, is the closest and strongest and how a good foundation is at the root of it.


      1. Damn funny “hill” of beans. Must be a relation to valley trash. The whole bunch are the foundation of dysfunction at the junction of BS. Another bad reality showing. Click. Cancelled.

        Looks like MurCowski is a flip flopping failure to Alaska, AGAIN. Same thing with Collins and the “Flake”

        America can not trust a single RepubliCON. Evil boars.


  4. Both palin and trump use social media to sway opinion and facts. It was probably a blessing that Bristol and track were not there. I feel for the in laws that have now joined the cast of lousy reality stars. The lousy actors from the trump reality scam and palin bamboozled mess.


      1. Not sure who the new male victim of this mess is or his family but you can bet in 1, 2, 3 months the pregnancy and feud will begin.


  5. Hill, your continued adulation re: the Palin family and deepening delusions that you are tightly connected to them must be worrisome to your family members/friends who care about you. Perhaps you have latched on to the Palins because you are extremely lonely. Your posts, all under various names, are immediately recognizable because of your syntax and excessive, laudatory praise for a family of grasping, judgmental cons, with the exceptions of the minor son Trig and grandchildren. I don’t know why you latched on to the Palins 10 yrs. ago but a decade is a long time to spend in fantasy thinking. Please seek help for your exacerbating obsession because life is simply too short.


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