Sarah Palin’s “Perfect” Day is the Day Track Was In Jail

One of the Palin children finally got married before pregnancy (we assume).

Willow Palin, Ricky Bailey

Willow Palin and Ricky Bailey
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Willow Palin married Ricky Bailey.  Sarah Palin shared a photo of the celebration writing:
“Couldn’t be more perfect!!! So much love ~ and surrounded by the mutual love & support of cherished friends & family… just PERFECT!”

Willow’s wedding wasn’t perfect.  Track was in jail. He remains in custody as of Sunday morning, jail records show.

Willow posted on Instagram a black and white photo from the wedding, showing her kissing her

Willow also thought the wedding, without Track was “perfect.”  What a great relationship Track and Willlow must have.

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  1. I wish them both every happiness, Malia, always thought Willow was the more level-headed of the lot of ’em. They’ve got their work cut out for them to make it last, that’s for sure.


  2. The saddest thing about Track is most of the time he is a good person and contributing member of society. He has no issues. He NEEDS to find the trigger for his episodes and undergo treatment for it. Nothing to be ashamed about. He has a great family and he has morals.

    He was clearly in a good place where Jordan felt she could drop off the toddler and she probably had done it a lot before.

    A friend’s brother is identical to him. Except the brother’s infant was removed from him care and placed in foster home. THAT went over badly.

    It takes time to find what works. T he Palins are definitely perplexed that he made this turn since he was always a great brother and son. IT’s exhausting and no judgment is warranted. They all came from the same good home.


  3. Wow! I haven’t been to this blog in years but stopped by after reading at the Washington Post that Track had been arrested…yet again. That brings us to the Word of the Day: Recidivism. The tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior such as criminal behavior. First we had Track vandalizing school buses, at which point Sarah and Todd abandoned their parental responsibilities and made their out of control offspring the responsibility of the United States Army. When Track performed poorly as a soldier, (surprise, surprise), Sarah blamed President Barack Obama for personally causing Track to develop PTSD. This despite the fact that Track hadn’t been anywhere near combat, your average Black Friday shopper has seen more close quarters hostility than Track. Then in September 2014 we had the infamous Palin Family Birthday Brawl. Who could ever forget the glorious way the Palin’s conducted themselves! Gate-crashing, inebriation, bitch-slapping, sucker-punching, camouflage dresses with matching thongs drug through the mud, the tragic loss of $300 sunglasses, cussing, crying, screaming, pants-wetting, and the entire clan drunk off their asses! And they brought a small child with them to witness the festivities. The evening culminated in the arrival of the police whereupon Track is asked his name and responds by using the military alphabet. He tells officers it is spelled, ‘Papa, Alfa, Lima, India, Mike, Oscar.’ The officer, puzzled, says ‘Palimo?’

    And after that Track assaulted several women, his father, resisted arrest, etc. At this point any law enforcement official could point out the obvious. The behavior is baked in. Track has learned from his mother that nothing is ever his fault. It was the fault of the school district for not having better security at the bus lot, it was the fault of the court for offering enlistment as an alternative to prison, it was the fault of the army for not fixing him, it was the fault of the President for giving him PTSD, it was the fault of the party’s host for asking the Palin’s to leave, it was the fault of the first woman for pissing him off until he had to hit her, it was the fault of his father for pulling a gun on him, it was the fault of that bitch who made him so angry he had to punch her in the head, and it was the fault of those troopers for arresting him.

    This is, in a nutshell, the sad account of a family that will never learn. As Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. of the Supreme Court once said, “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

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