FBI Confirms that Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath

One of Judge Kavanugh’s college friends has given a statement to the FBI.  He confirmed that Brett was a heavy drinker in college and was a mean drunk.  His friend said:

“On one of the last occasions I purposely socialized with Brett, I witnessed him respond to a semi-hostile remark, not by defusing the situation, but by throwing his beer in the man’s face and starting a fight that ended with one of our mutual friends in jail,” the statement said.  In conclusion, Kavanaugh’s college friend, now a college professor, reported that  Kavanaugh was a “belligerent and aggressive” drunk.

During his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing  Kavanaugh was repeatedly asked about his drinking habits in high school and college and denied having a problem.

In his statement, Kavanaugh’s college friend wrote that “if he lied about his past actions on national television, and more especially while speaking under oath in front of the United States Senate, I believe those lies should have consequences.”

Even though the college friend did not have personal knowledge of the conduct of Kavanaugh in High School, the college friend’s statement lends credibility to Dr. Ford’s account of Kavanaugh’s behavior while intoxicated when he sexually assaulted her.

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2 thoughts on “FBI Confirms that Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath

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  1. Wow, I cant imagine this terrible drunk sitting on the supreme court. He is still a lousy lying drunk as he started out to be. An entitled brat getting away with rape and assault for his entire life. Just like trump.
    And Rachel Mitchell? Goodness that prosecutor just ruined whatever career success she has achieved. Who hired her and why was she hired? And then she offers a bogus “memo” so bias and ignorant sounding. WTF is wrong with her? she is associating with such disgraceful people. NO reasonable ethical prosecutor would do such dirty deeds. Her lifetime of cases might need to be looked into.


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