Track Palin Makes the “Who’s Who List” of Domestic Abusers

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In April of 2017 I reported on the dysfunctional Palin family.  Even a year ago the list of incidents involving only one of the Palin kids was astonishing.  They included:

  1.  October of 2014-Palin family brawl– two separate fist fights ensued and people were left bleeding and knocked to the ground.  No charges were filed.

2.  Track was arrested again in January of 2017 when Jordan Loewe, Track’s baby mama told police Track punched her in the face, kicked her,  and threatened to shoot himself with an AR-15 rifle.  He was charged with assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and possessing a weapon while intoxicated.

 The first two charges were dropped in July after Track agreed to a plead guilty to misconduct involving weapons while being under the influence.

Track agreed to complete an alcohol-related treatment as part of the agreement.

3.In a custody matter, Jordan Lowe reported to the Court that Track was still physically abusive to her.  Jordan reported an event where Track pushed her against a wall while she was holding the baby.  Jordan reported that Track put his hand on her head and squeezed as hard as he could while the baby was in the room.  As if that wasn’t sufficiently offensive Track then  “hawked a giant ball of spit” in her face.

4.  On another occasion Jordan reported that after Track had the baby for a couple of hours he asked Jordan to come to get the baby.  When Track found out Jordan was bringing a girlfriend with her, Track got angry and threatened to ‘put a bullet through my (Jordan’s) head’ and put us both in the ground.”

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5.  On yet another occasion Track tried to push Jordan’s car off the highway.  Jordan described the incident:

“I had my son in my car driving off his property, and he threw rocks at my car, then got in his truck and followed me,” … “He was driving recklessly trying to run me off the road – almost causing an accident multiple times.”

In describing her injuries, Loewe says, “I had hand prints (and) red marks on my face (and) head.”

6.  In December of 2017 Track broke into his parents house and assaulted his father.  Track was arrested and charged with assault and burglary, after he repeatedly hitting Todd.

Radar Online reported  that Matthew Loewe, the father of Jordan Loewe, the unwed mother of Track’s second child( the one that had to hide under the bed for fear that Track would beat her up, even though she was pregnant at the time with his child) has had enough.   He described Track this way:

“He’s hot-headed, he’s out of control and he has anger issues!” .

“He’s thrown stuff at Jordan, thrown rocks at Jordan — he’s even thrown stuff at her when she was holding their baby!”

“Track hates [his father] Todd,” “Jordan and Track had an argument one night that it got so out of control she called… and they both came over.

“He threatened to beat up his dad, saying, ‘Come on old man, you’re full of metal now.‘”

Sarah and Todd  “washed their hands” of Track.  “Before Jordan got pregnant, Todd told her, ‘I’d run if I were you.”   Now that the baby has been born Sarah and Todd have cut all ties with Track.


It’s hard not to remember Sarah’s words from America by Heart in her chapter giving advice on Raising Small-r Republicans.  Here are some of the more memorable quotes of Sarah Palin, the woman who held herself out as the “Mama Grizzley” who considered her family her “true north.”(pg 91)

“They make all the bad stuff worth it and all the good stuff twice as good.  I can’t imagine what I would do without them.”(pg 91)

“In our house, we pitch in and help each other out….it’s a family goal.  If it’s important to one of us it’s important to all of us.  And if it challenges one of us, it gets support from all of us.”(pg 94)

“The Palin family is no different from others.  We’ve had our challenges, but we’ve tackled them head-on , together, and we’ve ended up stronger for it.”(pg 95)

“As a matter of fact, if you discount the screaming headlines and lurid magazine covers, ours has been a typical American family story.”(Pg 99)

“April 20, 1989, was the day I had my first child, Track, and I truly believe my life began that day.”(pg 101)

“”After all, the damage done to the American family by widespread divorce and children without fathers …” (pg 114)

“…Labor Depa;rtment official, issued a famous report warning of the impact on African Americans from the rise of out-of-wedlock births.  …”the richest inheritance any child can have is a stable, loving, disciplined family life,…” (pg 116)

“…families matter and fathers do matter.”(pg 117)

“…the rate of violent crime is much more strongly correlated with family disorganization than it is with race.”(pg 119)


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Remember the police report from the Palin family brawl:
“He arrived a shirtless, “heavily intoxicated” and “belligerent at first” Track Palin, Sarah Palin’s adult son, was about to step into a white limousine with his parents, Sarah and Todd. They’d all been at the party at Korey Klingenmeyer’s house.

Palin family involved in a brawl?

 Track told the officer some guys were “talking rudely” to his sisters and making them cry. So he stuck up for them. When one of his friends, identified only as Steven, got punched by one of the allegedly rude guys, the fight started. Todd said that’s when “everything escalated and it was a situation they couldn’t walk away from.”

In June, Track pled guilty to first-degree criminal trespass as part of a plea deal related to an alleged assault of his father last year.

By pleading guilty, Track avoided an assault charge and a year-long jail sentence, as he would be attending “a therapeutic program” offered in Alaska in Veterans Court.

With the recent arrest of Track Palin for yet another incident of violence towards a woman, it is astounding that any person could continue to defend Sarah and Todd Palin.  For Sarah Palin to  publish a book proclaiming expertise in how to raise “smaller Republicans” should be an embarrassment  to the Republican Party…unless the Republican Party and Donald Trump are now openly admitting to abuse of women and domestic violence.

Oh wait…they are the party of assaulting women.

The President has…

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The Republican Party’s choice for the US Supreme Court has:

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n the face of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Republican leaders remain adamant about moving forward with the confirmation process. President Donald Trump may have explained the party’s rationale best.

During a solo press conference, Trump was asked why he consistently sides with the accused over women accusers, and his answer was simple: He puts his political party first. Specifically, he was asked about Roy Moore, the failed Alabama Republican Senate candidate who received Trump’s support despite a laundry list of issues: Moore was accused of multiple instances of inappropriate sexual behavior with teenage girls — one as young as 14 — when he was in his 30s.

Here’s what Trump said Wednesday evening:

“I wasn’t happy with Roy Moore, let’s get that straight. But Roy Moore was a … Republican candidate. And I would have rather had a Republican candidate win.”

It’s been ten years since that fateful day that Sarah Palin was nominated as the GOP Vice Presidential Candidate.  Bristol was an unwed teen.  Todd was a pimp.  Track was a serial criminal.  Todd’s sister was a burglar.

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The Palin family was known to use drugs.

Sarah has befriended abusers and pedophiles.

When will America wake up? The most fundamental criterion for any politician in America should be that they are not a criminal! We don’t allow felons to vote, but we let them run for President…and win.  We stand by as they are nominated to serve for life …not in jail…but on the highest court in the land.  We must STOP “raising smaller Republicans” if this is who the Republican Party values.The list of people appointed or defended by Trump is a Who’s Who’s of Domestic Abuse.

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11 thoughts on “Track Palin Makes the “Who’s Who List” of Domestic Abusers

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  1. Powerful article that covers so many things. For one the hypocrisy of the cons they exhibit on a daily basis – family values nonsense is one of them.
    The support of a disgusting Prez who has no respect for women or minorities.
    The phony religious right.
    I could go on forever but need to go to the store for salad stuff.
    Have a good day to all – thanks Malia.


  2. According to the Immoral Minority, the latest event involves Jordan and her son. She was bringing the toddler to Track’s house because he was to take him to the wedding the following day. Track seems to be a particularly violent fellow and should not be allowed anywhere near his former lover and her child – especially alone. I suspect that veterans court is not an adequate place to handle his issues which began long before he was sent off to the National Guard. And, as we all know. none of it is the fault of President Obama.


  3. The FBI must question Rachel Mitchell. She says that she was hired to question brett kavenaugh and ms ford. She did not question brett and half ass questioned ms ford. She decided to form her opinion and offered a fake memo of no facts or truth. Why again was she hired. It was odd that the republicon judicial members brought her in to the mix. She is a buddy of sheriff joe arpario in Arizona that trump pardoned. She is bias. Was she bribed? extorted? threatened? This smells like another trump scam and should be investigated.


      1. Many years ago, sheriff joe seemed ok. But it has been proven over and over again he is not a good person. His tent city cost the Arizona taxpayers. His political nonsense hunting for obamas birth certificate, He and steven segal committed a crime against innocent folks. and many other unethical events. He is a member of the constitutional sheriff association. This group is dangerous and out of control. I really prefer to respect and trust but the “culture of corruption” has stopped that.


  4. It’s time for $arah to STFU, pardon my language everyone. Over a decade of listening to her incessant babble of knowing what’s right for America, in the name of the LORD no less, when her own life is a hot mess of dysfunction, enough already! Todd and she may have disowned Track but they sure contributed to his issues and how. I do not delight in others’ misery, but there comes a time when words fall on deaf ears out of the sheer hypocrisy.


  5. No one wants to do the things he does when he’s not in his right mind. He had zero legal trouble prior to 2016, like it or not. he was a top athlete and good student given the chance to show his hockey stuff in MI when he and a friend played billet hockey. These are facts. Don’t judge him especially after you’ve slandered him for years. He was a babysitter for Bristols son for 6 years, when he was home and not working. when he returned from Afg in 2012, the family was stoked he was back.They’re all perplexed as to why he’s gone down this path because they all had the same good upbringing. Facts. These are things spoken of by an aunt and his sisters.


  6. Hill,
    I’m beginning to think you might actually be a Palin, you lie so fluently. Zero legal trouble before 2016? Have you forgotten the brawl? I assure you the rest of the country has not. Not to mention his property destruction and a myriad of juvenile offenses.

    None of the Palin offspring had anything resembling a good upbringing. Their mother is narcissistic, self-centered, brittle, easily angered and “always right.” Sarah was completely incapable of giving children the empathy and patience they needed to grow into fully functioning adults. All of her offspring show signs of damage.

    Liked by 1 person

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